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These are a selection of instrumental 'theme music' tracks as they are quite melodic. Now, thanks to this exclusive free download, you can take two advanced remixes of NATUR theme music with you. Complimentary Musikownloads However, I like to keep up to date with new release, although it is difficult to search the records because many of them are below average. Composing the work is very smart and elaborately detailled - it must have cost a great deal of work to create a work of this kind.

Enjoying these melodic instrumental pieces that are different from most of the tunes you listen to today. Festivalis, a really memorable and optimistic piece, was particularly appealing to me.

Series - Sequential - Sequential

It is a cooperation between Adam Dorn and the German band Hal Willner. He works on vinyl discs, movies, television, radios and liveshows. First and foremost, he is known for the conception and production of conceptual scrapbooks with a multitude of performers and genres, as well as for his adaptation of sketches and musicals for Saturday Night Live, which he has been realizing since 1980.

His work has included Marianne Faithfull, Lou Reed, Macy Gray, Don Pullen, Bill Frisell, William S. Burroughs, Lucinda Williams and Laurie Anderson. Among others his work has been shown in the movies Candy Mountain, Shortcuts, Kansas City, Finding Forrester, Talladega Nights and Lawless. Aka Mocean Worker, Adam Dorn is a Los Angeles-based songwriter and record player.

In the last ten years he has recorded fiction movies, TV serials, documentary movies and live shows, among them Robin Williams of HBO: Came Inside My Mind, Richard Pryor : Showtime Came Inside My Mind, Richard Pryor : Showtime : The Logic, die HBO-Serie The Weight of the Nation, Melissa McCarthy's Nobodies und der Neustart der Kickboxer Actionfilm-Trilogie. A Mocean worker, Adam's work has been shown in a number of movies and TV shows, such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Bourne Supremacy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Better Call Saul.

At the moment Adam is rating the Showtime-Serie Enemies. Matt McGinley, Fritz Myers and Nick Thorburn also scored points this year.

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