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Snazzy is not in any way a traditional portfolio theme, fresh and ready for immediate use. It also includes the Revolution Slider, a versatile way to display content as a slide show. Many of our premium themes have portfolio features that allow you to create a list of works, customers, use cases, etc. This topic uses a custom mail type called Projects to help you manage your portfolio. If you want to add a new portfolio item, choose Add.


Teach yourself how to build and share your portfolio of rich media assets. Many of our best-of-breed topics have portfolio features that allow you to generate a list of works, customers, use cases, etc. They can be used for any purposes you want and are sufficiently versatile to be able to create offers of any kind.

Portfolioelements are generated in the Portfolio section of the Administration Panels. Every element in this listing is a portfolio element and is delivered with all possible boxes so that you can manage its appearance. As a rule, each portfolio element consists of a few core elements: This is the security that is used as the name of the portfolio element.

Contents displayed on the portfolio page as for any other posting. This is the postal section that can be used as a text for previewing in the Portfolio Grid, according to the topic. Portrait picture used as a miniature view of a portfolio items previews. Types and tag types used to classify the portfolio items.

Now you can begin building as many portfolio entries as you want in this section. You should at least fill in the security and contents of each portfolio element. Similar to contributions, portfolio elements can be grouped into catagories and tabs. Both are used to build groups of related portfolio elements, but differ slightly in features to give you more flexibility:

You can have a subcategory, and you can have a subcategory. Catagories appear in the Portfolio Navigator of the Portfolio page style to allow the user to search by category. Tokens are not hierachical, which means you can't have a unique tag grouping others. Portfolio tags page does not show portfolio navigator - you can refer to more than one portfolio on your website and create more than one portfolio.

Portfolioelements can show a series of pictures in a variety of different genres, such as a slide show or album. Exactly which layouts are used will depend on the Image Layouts box setting. It affects the way pictures are gathered and displayed on each portfolio element. Picture slide show.

Shows a slide show of all pictures appended to the message, except the displayed picture. These slideshows have navigational and page break features so you can navigate them with ease. Picture galery. Shows a grids of all the pictures appended to the contribution, with the exception of the displayed picture. You can click on this galery to open a light box and enlarge the picture.

Selected picture. Just shows the displayed picture of the portfolio in its full-scale. Shows a movie if specified in the Movie URL box. For most portfolio topics, you can view a portfolio element on the homepage. In order to do this, just check the box labeled Features Items for each element you want to edit.

And if your design can show a small caption in the previews of each element (the Portfolio Lists page), you can specify it using the user-defined dump area. Sometimes this box may not be visible, so you need to click the Screen Options page at the top and select the Extract radio button.

As a result, the box is shown in the postprocessing area. Portfolioelements are ordered via the Order box directly below the Publish/Update tool. Enter any number in this box, which will then be matched against others to see which is first. Portfolio elements with an order of 100, for example, are shown before those with an order of 200, and so on.

Use any number you like because the only thing that matters is the amount of money between the different positions. Once you have created your first portfolio item, you need a one-page view to view them all. Just add a new page and choose the portfolio page style. As a result, all portfolio item information is displayed on this page by default, along with a navigational menus showing all portfolio types.

Each item you put in the portfolio will appear here without having to be added. Portfolioags can be used to generate several portfolio lists. In contrast to category lists, tag lists are set up so that they do not show the category list, and you can use this to your benefit to generate any number of standalone portfolio lists.

If, for example, you want to build a particular portfolio for your customers, you can group any number of portfolio entries under a single day by name of Client and then click a hyperlink to the list of tags. Returns the same results as the primary portfolio, except that it displays only the elements you added.

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