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Ok, I read something that the theme options window has been removed and that you should find the same settings in customize mode. It is a quick overview of the easy-to-use Custom Theme Options panel, which is an integrated feature of the fully responsive MH Magazine WordPress Theme. Doc-O-Matic fonts - change fonts in the theme area.

Described functions of the theme panel - total WordPress theme

There are many great features/add-ons in the overall theme that offer additional functionalities, but can be deactivated when not in use to make the site a little slimmer. Turning off a function won't immediately make your site quicker, because each function will run very quickly, but turning off a function will make the WordPress Dashboard leaner, so you won't have to watch any things you don't use.

Add a new window under Topic > In Construction where you can choose a page that displays ALL unregistered visitors that you can use as you create your Web site so that those who view your Web site don't see what you're doing. Complete Theme contains some free premier plug-ins and suggests several plug-ins it is compliant with.

When you deactivate this functionality, you will not see the hint for suggested plug-ins. When you have rejected the notification, you can deactivate the functionality to avoid the execution of related codes. Naturally the design overwrites the options after each upgrade and activates them again. After all, this functionality is also used to make available the latest versions of the contained plug-ins such as Visual Composer and Revolution Slider.

Totally involves the promotion of scheme mark-up throughout the site, which is used by search engines such as Google. Per standard, all necessary kernel Java Script data for Totals are already pre-combined and packed to accelerate your website. We recommend to deactivate this modul only if you have a Java script bug on your website and need to fix some bugs.

Totals contains a user-defined style panel that allows you to customize your website's style without having to use a secondary theme. When you use a sub theme, we suggest that you disable the Panel and instead include your customized style sheet in the sub theme. Activated by setting, this feature under Topic > User Actions inserts a new administrator window so that you can paste HTML into ANY of the theme's kernel actionshooks.

Activated by setting it to defaults to adding a new administrative display under Topic > Favoricons so that you can set your location icons for your desktops and your iPhone OSes. Activated by default, adding a new user-defined mail item named "Portfolio" to the website allows you to create portfolios, as well as get a new branding for just about anything else you want.

Activated by default, adding a new user-defined mail style named "Staff" to the site will allow you to create a new branding for just about anything else you want. Activated by default, adding a new user-defined mail style named "Testimonials" to the website allows you to create your own website with your own set of messages, but can also be rebranded for just about anything else you want.

Activated by setting it to defaults to adding a new user-defined taxionomy named "Post Series" to the defaults (blog posts) so that you can organise postings in "Series". Find out more about this feature here. Activated by default, a newdmin page is added under Topic > Page Setup, where you can choose ANY page that has been generated with Visual Composer to substitute your page header for the primary page.

Activated by setting the option to Add a new administrator page by selecting Topic > Custom Logon by selecting it by selecting the appropriate option, so that you can change the look of your WordPress logon page with ease. Activated by setting the option to Add a new 404 administration page under Topic > Custom, so that you can change the text and look of your 404 page with ease.

Activated by setting the topic area > Customizer Manager to a newdmin page where you can activate/deactivate WordPress Customizer snippets. Activated by default, the Full Theme changes the WordPress Gallery theme's primary edition to use the full raster class and trim your pictures to the size specified in Theme area > Pictureize.

When you use other plug-ins to modify your WordPress Gallery, you should deactivate them to avoid conflict. Activated by default, this gives you the option to build customized widgets on your website. Here you can find out more about how to add customized widgets. You can deactivate this feature if you only want to use the built-in sidebar/ widget areas.

Totally contains several user-defined Widgetts that you can use on your website (About, Business Info, Facebook Page....etc). They are all turned on by default, but you can turn off all user-defined Widgets if you are not using them. Activated by Default Totals allows you to include a miniature view in your categorys as a backdrop for the page head for each categorys and when using the Categorie Grid Visual Composer tool.

You can deactivate this function if you do not want to attach a thumbnail to your category. Totally contains user-defined mail editing formats that allow you to apply different style to the contents in your mail editing program. You can deactivate them if you don't use them or don't schedule them. There are some built-in shortcuts in the whole theme, which can be switched on and off in the theme area.

It is activated by defaults. The WordPress application supports emoji symbols - https://codex.wordpress. org/Emoji - which they added to the kernel in 4.2 now. Usually folks don't really use them and it does add a considerable amount of additional codes and scripting to your website, so by default let's turn them off in the Overall theme.

When you want to reactivate it, just deactivate this feature. Activated by default, this will add a new administration panel under Topic > Picture Size that allows you to set your own crop for different parts of the theme. However, if you choose to use only the picture size you have uploaded, you can deactivate the administration panel altogether.

Activated by default, this activates the page animation setting as described in the following documentary paper. Totally is activated by default and contains many typography choices in the customizer, so you can modify the typefaces, type families, type sizes, weights, weights, etc. of different parts of your website with ease (learn more). Disable it to delete all Typography Customizer preferences and not upload user-defined scripts to your website.

To optimize your typefaces with deactivated options, you must use CSS Customizing. Activated by default, this will display at the bottom of your postings and pages so you can quickly modify them when you are signed in. Off by defaults. When you activate this feature, the WordPress kernel section "Header" is activated in the customizer, so that you can give your headers of the primary site their own wallpaper.

Activated by setting the Customizer preferences to "Import" or "Export", this feature will add a new administrator interface to the Topic > Import/Export menu, allowing you to simply customize, save or upload customizer preferences. The Visual Composer Theme Mode is turned on by default und deactivates a tabs in the Visual Composer preferences to add your order number. When you have bought your own copy of Visual Composer, we suggest that you disable it so that you can enable your copy of the Visual Composer plug-in.

Activated by Default, the overall theme contains Sound new Visual Composer module that you can use to create your pages. You can deactivate the module if you use another plug-in such as Visual Composer Extensions and do not want to use the module. Off by defaults. Enabling this option will remove all Google font selections and Google Font types downloaded from the Topic All.

Off by defaults. If activated, the mail style slot will be removed from the IP address of the client's portfolios, employees and testimonial mail styles. If, for example, a hyperlink to one of your inventory is the website. com/portfolio-item/your-item, if activated, it will become Each time you activate this feature, you MUST resave your permission links tree under Preferences > Permal Links to avoid 404 bugs.

It' an experiential tool, since this is not the way to use user-defined mail type and can cause conflict with default mail, category, tags, pictures... etc., leading to 404 bugs or odd redirects.

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