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Sites; Access to detailed tutorials; One-time purchase fee. Unbelievable value with Unify Template purchase. Once you purchase Unify!

, you are entitled to a free download of all future updates.

Standardize - Reactive Website Template

One of the most fun and reactive Bootstrap 4 templates for professional creatives, start-ups and mainstream businesses of all kinds. Allows you to create any scale of high-quality web product, thanks to solid 250+ short code pages containing over 1750 re-usable UI components where they can be simply used.

Uniify 2 will save your design engineers money and reduce quality assurance and increase results. Maximize your production with minimal hassle with U2 and build rugged, boundless applications using a wide range of reusable parts. Do you need to customize the Unicode style sheet? With its state-of-the-art functions and functions, it can be adapted simply. Hopefully you'll like using the Unicode style sheet with its easy-to-navigate and user-friendly layouts and developer-friendly coding.

Standardize the template that is already used in tens of millions of small blog posts and web sites. Unify v2.6. 0 currently contains 6 full kits and will be extended with more kits and demo versions soon: The Unify Main is a key part of the entire Unify template and comes with over 1610 re-usable UI components where they can be simply used in all pages and packs.

The One Pages bundle currently contains 20 theme design pages. The Unify main pack makes it easy to build an infinite number of One Pages for your work. Currently, topical drafts have been created: Currently, the Blogs & Magazines Bundle contains 5 home demonstrations and an articles page. The Unify main pack lets you simply build your own custom pages for blogs and magazines.

The Admin Template Bundle contains more than 40 pages and comes with 4 ready-made pages. Unbelievable value with Unify Template purchase. The Unify template contains all specified functions free of charge and can be used within the Unify template. A few pictures used on the demosite are for demonstrational use only and are NOT part of the downloaded file due to license permission.

For all other types of credit, see the Unicode document for more information. The latest version is version v2.5 unify. One Pages, E-Commerce and Multi Pages Demo RTL Packages (the RTL packages for Admin Template Demo and Main Maintain will be added later), new template packages for Admin Template, vendor (libraries and frameworks) patches, enhancements and some smaller bugfixes.

Unification v2.5. This main release contains the change of the Bootstrap 4 release from the Bootstrap 4 beta release. There are no significant changes to U2.5. 5. These updates focus on a new pack "Unify Admin Template" and some smaller bugfixes. NEW: Introduction of a brandnew bundle - Admin Template. More than 50 pages in this pack.

NEW: Administrator Template html/admin-template/.... NEW: Introduction of the brandnew multi-page bundle in Unify Template and now Unify contains 6 full bundle bundles. Included in this pack are nice demonstrations with its insides. Currently it comes with two new demo's. NEW: University - Education Multi-page demo html/multipage/education/.... NEW: Introduction of the brandnew multi-page bundle in Unify Template and now Unify contains 6 full bundle bundles.

Included in this pack are nice demonstrations with its insides. Currently it comes with two new demo's. NEW: Multi Page Demo Multi Page Multimedia html/multipage/real-estate/.... NEW: Multi Page Demo Multi Page Multimedia Multi Page Multimedia.... A few small enhancements in One Pages (accounting, agency, architecture, business, charity, consulting, courses, construction, events, gym, lawyer, app, music), e-commerce and blog & magazine packs.

NEW: 4 Blogs & Magazines Homepages html/blog-magazine/classic/.... Blogs & Magazines - The headers layout has been enhanced. NEW: Go to Top (Back to Top) own plug-in, designed by the Htmlstream team, comes with different styling choices on all pages of Htmlstreamuniverse. NEW: Various pages; boxes layout, dark theme, blank page etc html/unify-main/misc/....

NEW: 90+ revolutionary sliders demo html/revolution-slider/index. html Please have a look at the LEADME. nxt files in the directory html/revolution-slider/.... It contains a seperate zip archive with secure access for revolutionary sliders demo. Overall slide demo sizes are enormous (approx. 320 MB) and are therefore offered as a seperate clickable area.

To use the slide show demonstrations, all you need to do is unpack the revolutionary slide. Zip inside html/revolution-slider/... after you have downloaded and all the demonstrations will work just like you would on real sites. NEW: 100+ Slave sliders demonstrations html/master-slider/index. html The slave sliders demonstrations also include LEADME. nxt files as a revolutionary sliders directory containing a secure login path for slave sliders.

Just simply obey the above directions (Revolution Slider). Dokumentation - added launched templates area, detailled swallow directions for conversion from SASS (SCSS) to CSS etc. Entirely rewritten and rewritten, Uniify v2.0 contains only the most important implementation, enhancements and functionality. What is new in v2.0 v2?

Uniify v2.0 comes with the latest Bootstrap 4 alphabetic release, and now any kernel can be used within any package (demos, pages, paragraphs, etc.). Furthermore, v2.0 is completely built on SASS. Additionally, v2.0 contains over 400 pages, of which 250 are short code pages, which is twice as much as v1.9. x Uniify and all items in each short code page are greatly enhanced. and many others....

For the old Unify 1 release version, please click here to see the complete release version.

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