Theme Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal theme restaurants

Cuban restaurant, $$$$$ Koa Lua. Contemporary Restaurant, $$$$ Kampai Garden. Japanese restaurant, $$$$ The Lockhart. Japanese, Chinese, $$$$$ Deville Dinerbar. There are hundreds of restaurants in Montreal, but none is more popular than the one with crazy themes!

Montreal's 11 themed restaurants to explore

are thematic restaurants that take you beyond the normal night.... In order to see what our newsletter contains, there is a Cuban coffee shop and pub in Montreal town centre. It is a great place to try if you want to modify your normal lunches or dinners in town.

Mo - Sun: is a large event location in the city center that features a theme of Japan' Beergarden. It is a great place to go to supper, or even for a long nights stay, as it turns into a bar/club after the dining set is over. This is Mon - Montreal's Harry Potter theme pub.

They made a name for themselves in Toronto, and within a year they opened a store in Montreal. You will find various drinks, delicacies and butter beer on the menue, as well as homemade candies. Kids can also join the non-alcoholic meal before 8 pm. Situated in the centre of Montreal's commercial area, it has a large patio where you can sample modern meals with local tradition, both local and Jap.

Excellent menus and good services are the hallmarks of these restaurants. "It feels like a stylish dinner, with a range of menus including thick burger, doughnut dumplings and larger-than-life fish bowl beverages. Jukebox's well-stocked menus consist of everyday burger from our own meats mill, rolls, hand-cut potatos and a wide range of sweets such as perfumes, ice-cream cups and the solid Kitchen Sink aftersert.

Fr - Sa: is a ceremonial dinning room dedicated to the Middle Ages, which offers eversive historic entertainment along with an old-fashioned dinner. It has been in existence for 25 years and virtually qualified as a Montreal school. In the city centre there is a concealed Cocktailbar, which is founded on the theme of the Prohibitions-era.

There is also a fixed menue with a large variety of beverages. Musical accompaniment begins after lunch, creating an enjoyable night that can involve dance. Thurs - Fri: is one of the coveted dark dinners in Montreal. In order to see what our newsletter contains, .

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