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thematic service

Services Description Regedit Back CMD Msconfig. Name of service: Themes Display name: Themes Description: Offers user-friendly topic management. Only a short video showing you how to activate the themes service in Windows.

Starting/stopping the theme service in Windows 7 via Services, Regedit or CMD

Services.msc: Describes how to start/stop topics from Services.msc. Location themes monitor its actual state and are open for changes. Regent: This technique shows you how to modify the registry editor launch mode of themes. CMD: This technique shows you how to start/stop and modify topics from the command prompt:

Configure (msconfig.exe). Please go to the register card Service in the system setup and search for topics. Clear the check box to stop this service from starting, and then click OK to complete. Every modification in the system setup is taken over after the reboot. Quickly double-click Home and modify the value: Changing the Starting Page Typ : :

Auto -2 Manually -3 Disable -4 Auto (Delayed Start) -2 Note: When you switch to Auto (Delayed Start), a new Delayed Auto Start button is generated with the value 1. If you switch from Auto to Auto (delayed start), DelayedAutostart changes the value to 0.

what exactly does the Window 7 theme service do?

Fixed problem with watching large (almost 4k) movies. Some of the videotape was torn, I knew that the hard drive was able to play the videotape ok, but in some cases the videotape would be torn and the play back would not be very good. We tried for a long time and found out that the reason was the fact that we had turned off the topics for Window.

Windows 7 Professional was run on the relevant computer. So we had to turn on the topics again so that the tape could be played properly. Switching the theme service back on and off, we'd see the poor playback of the movie with the theme off every single turn, and then it'd show up dramatic improvement when we turned it back on.

Personally, I thought (perhaps naively) that the theme service was solely in charge of the GUI elements' appearance. Obviously, that's not all the T7 theme service does. Can' t find a full explanation of what the Theme Service is accountable for via Google or Has anyone - 1. any ideas why the theme facility is on would enhance the videoplay?

For a full explanation of what the theme service does ? if it comes down to the fact that the MP4 was h.264 we tried both the built-in Microsoftecoder and LAV.

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