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Do anyone know if they have added the theme shop to this model? Top 10 fantastic (& free) dark themes for your Galaxy S9 " Android The Galaxy S9's best feature is the possibility to quickly adopt new designs from the Samsung Theme Store. Some of the available topics are available free of charge. Choosing the right theme may even help you conserve some of your batteries during the course of the workday.

Unfortunately not every topic is really valuable, so we have put together a collection of topics that are really useful to download. In the Samsung theme shop there are plenty of motifs in red and white. Topics included here included background images and setting menu. Another advantage of using a dim theme with an AMOLED screen is the extra saving of batteries.

The theme contains shallow symbols with plain text. Adjustments and dialler are deep gray with mintgreen highlights. The most Samsung stick applications are discussed in this set up, but you will find that most Google applications do not. One of the major disadvantages of the Samsung Theme Store theme is that you won't get the full theme for third vendor applications.

The Black Onix is a little more future-oriented, with electrical blues and text. Symbols are also multicoloured. Background image itself is a great choice for your application, even if you use it with an alternative launch or symbolpack. A further sentence of shallow symbols, but without unusual emphasis colours.

It' a great choice if you want a plain monochrome theme. This is a small patch of the initial editions theme, with some small colour traces throughout the user interface, especially in the Dialler and Messenger applications. This is a monochrome motif with stick-icon. Here, too, the colour of the emphasis corresponds to the pitch of the Gboard keypad for additional adjustment.

When you like the theme fabric Dark, but you want something a few tones brighter, Dark could be the theme for you. With the same shade of greens from the dark motif, but with a brighter gray background image and a setup panel. This is a theme tailored to the famous technique yourselfTuber MKBHD. The theme contains a background image in blue and white, a dialler and a fast setting tool.

This will be split on the settings page with a multicolored pallet. Symbols are a shallow welded colour with a minimum circle shaped outline. Perhaps the best thing about this topic is the use of the central control knobs. When colourful subjects are your thing, this is a good option.

The design preserves the menus for the Schwarztapete and Dunkelgrau preferences, but add a pop-up hue to the symbols and locks the display' timekeeper. The theme is based on light whit text on a background of blacks. In the symbols and in the setting menus there is a colour component. A little slanderer for this topic is that some text boxes end up as blacks on blacks, which seems to be a mistake.

This is definitely the most common topic on our schedule. The theme includes a background image and a space-inspired iconic package. Symbols are a little caricatured, which can spoil the look, as most of your third-party symbols are not picked out as a theme. Unless you mind, an alien backdrop completes this great black theme.

The Samsung Theme Store has a number of great topics. I hope these sinister topics will give you a foretaste of what's possible when adjusting your Galaxy SI9. Let us know in the commentaries if you find other interesting topics. If you would also like us to create a similar chargeable topics listing, listen below!

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