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This thread was created for the development of designs for Samsung Devices. Samsung Devices][4.4+] Many themes for Touc...


This is a threaded article I wrote for developing designs for Samsung Devices. There were no other themes I found than the ones I had in store, so I chose to create some themes myself. Topics available: - Topic preview: - Download the theme you just download and install it like a regular appk. In order to use the theme, go to the "Themes" tab in the settings or long hold down a gap in the launch button and then click on the theme on the right.

Choose the theme you download and install, use it and start enjoying!

Samsung Galaxy 20 topics that don't really suck " Samsung Galaxy S6

Since Samsung is a Corean business, it only makes sence that most of the themes on offer for their latest line of Galaxy phones are in line with Corean taste. Obviously, occidental flavours are different, so many of these themes seem flashy to our eye. However, the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ as well as Grade 5 still have some "good-looking" designs that will give your mobile phones a look that matches your taste.

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't allow linksharing for any of their themes, so I can't give you straight to the installation pages. However, since each of these topics is free, they should still be quite simple to find. Go to the Themes item in the Preferences, then touch the Theme Store icon at the bottom of the page.

" Subjects in this paper are ranked in the order you find them here, and each section below is labelled with the precise name of the topic. Talking of terrestrial sounds, this first theme revolves around the colours of heaven and the grass. Like all these themes, the standard background image can be modified, but you will still find that the quiet grassland scenery serves as a background for some applications like the preferences panel.

Zero Whites could be the theme for you if you want your phone's user experience to have high levels of color contrasts and discreet colors. This theme takes its name from its predominantly whitish background with more dark text and iconography, but a few occasional highlights of blue do not detract from the minimal look.

The next theme uses pale colours and a round squared look for its symbols, but the remainder of the surface is perhaps more subtile. Smudged and tinted landscapes provide the background for most menu items, and the system interfaces are particularly discreet. It' s from the same designer, so the symbols and highlight colours are very similar to the second item in our listing, but most system menu have a dark background with blank text instead.

A name like "Night" would suggest that this topic would be overwhelmingly obscure, but the designer has found a way to add some brighter background flavor. Symbols here are semi-transparent circle with blank contours, and there are also some de-saturated tee. You have to pardon the background with which this motif is delivered, which is somewhat exaggerated but easily changeable.

Apart from that, you get a clear, lightweight iOS look with silhouette symbols in a wired border and a bright bluish undertone. The next theme does its best to mimic the look of Android 6. 0 Marsh Mallow, and it has the colour range and stick icon down. Restrictions in Samsung's theme engines will not allow this material design look to be copied to perfection, but the general essense is certainly there.

Clear darkness gives you blank symbols with profound hard shadow on a round, quadratic backdrop. It' s a great way to complement the smooth, dusky header dew and crunchy whites in your applications and menu mix. The majority of the previous themes had either gray, blue or blue motifs, but Emerald differs from this fashion by offering a tasty and complementary colourway.

In addition to the background whites, subtle accents in the range greens and oranges are used, contrasting with colourful round symbols. Sooty may look a little too dark in the standard background image used with this theme, but this can be modified at any point. Symbols are very near the warehouse, but background is dark with blank text, and a cooling reddish colour is used to accentuate the blues headings sitting directly opposite on the colour wheels.

I' m not quite sure what's going on with the warped hangouts in the center of Indigo Flat's standard background, but even that can be altered slightly. However, if that's out of the way, they are a slightly colder hue than their original equivalents, and most interface uses a plain gray-white pattern.

It' an iOS-inspired theme, if I have ever seen one. The Pastellstille Fluorescent symbols and the pale and pale colour palettes are a striking reminder of the iPhone's latest user experience. The majority of the symbols are directly based on pattern edos 9, which certainly helps to complement the look. The next topic would be a good option for those of you who want a slightly more dark user experience with Android.

It has a gray background with text in the background and switches, as does the occasionally appearing gray highlight. The symbols here are accurate replicas of those you would find on a Nexus unit, so the Android adventure in store is very well understood. Rouge gives a hint of colour and at the same time is able to keep things beautiful and easy.

Apart from the hot pink colour, most applications have whites and subtle symbols very similar to those of Android. The Pearl is from the same developers as Blush, so you get a very similar user experience with one difference - here you get the highlight colour instead of pink - black.

Wallpapers are still blank on all menu screens, and symbols are still neat and easy. The next topic came as a response to the high level of interest, as Galaxy users have always talked loudly about Samsung leaving out the TouchWiz look and leaving the user experience more like Stocks Android. Materials Design fulfills our desires by doing a great work on replication of Android 5. 0 and higher.

Lilac is not a colour for everyone, but if you're a big fan, Lilac does a good job putting the colour to the user surface without overdoing it. Symbols here are wired framesilhouettes, and background is a complementary whiteness. The next theme is like a slightly de-saturated versions of the stick theme, with blank highlights instead of yellows, and round symbols.

Plain Candys uses a colder colour range on its quadratic symbols, which is well supplemented by stronger emphasis colours. The background here is primarily gray, but if possible a lighter gray is used to compensate. As the Samsung theme machine was introduced for the first time, Urban was pretty much the only theme I would be killed with.

Gives you round symbols and subtile, discreet colouring, but uses a beautiful accented shade of bronze to add a touch of sophistication. What theme did you select for your Galaxy machine?

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