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operator documentation for users You can have a publicly or privately owned repo. When your Repository is privat, your posted website remains so. The Jekyll Theme Chooser will create a project page for you if you select a different name. See "User, Organization, and Project Pages" for more information. Click Settings under your Repository name.

Check your topic choices on the Topic Chooser page. In order to pick a topic, click on the desired topic and then on Pick topic. Now if you want to modify it, read "Editing File in Your Repository" and transfer your changes to the parent tree. Click Settings under your Repository name.

For information on how to modify the Jekyll theme's HTML or CSS layouts, see "Customizing your Jekyll theme's HTML and CSS". Any other pages or postings you post to your site shares the look and feel of your Jekyll theme.

It is also possible to create and maintain your own user-defined theme library.

It is also possible to create and maintain your own user-defined theme library. One topic is made up of: This is a typeface for the text. You see a listing of topics on the Topics page and can view the fonts and colour schemes for each topic. You can click a topic to use it. You will see a thumbnail of the topic in the Show Topic Viewer.

Perform these walkthroughs to make your own designs: Press the buttons labeled, Change theme: 2 and give your design a name. From the dropdown box, choose a typeface for your design. Choose the colour theme for your design. Selects different colours for headers, responses, buttons and backgrounds.

Simply click on the drop colour symbol and select a colour from the drop colour range or add a value inches. Once you have finished customising your design, click the Save as new theme tool. If you click on the three-point symbol next to a topic, you get these options:

Customise - click here to change your design. In this way, you can securely work on the topic. Remove - Allows you to remove a design from your library.

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