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Texts for 'Hollow Talk' by the choir of young believers. Echos begin as a cross within you / trembling noises that appear soon. Spatial motion that seems to you. A bridge in music, especially in western popular music, is a contrasting section that prepares for the return of the original material section. What is the title of the song, what are the lyrics and who.

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The Choir of Young Believers is the artistic collaboration of Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, vocalist, author and guitar player from Copenhagen, Denmark. Makrigiannis and a changing line-up of accompanists, the group had several No. 1 hit songs in their home Denmark and was awarded "Best New Act" at the Danish Music Awards 2009.

COYB's compositions combine popular tunes, orchestration and obscure texts. Makrigiannis left his former group Lake Placid in 2006 and went to the Greeks Samos to develop his own solomaterial. When Makrigiannis returned to Copenhagen, he brought together a group of young believers, consisting of young people, musician, and mates.

In 2007 the group published the album Burn the Flag and the song "Sharpen Your Knife" was played on radio in Denmark. Their first full-length full-length record, This Is for the White in Your Éyes, was published in September 2008. It was shortlisted for six prestigious awards in the Denmark Music Awards and won the Best New Act award.

In 2009 COYB appeared at the SXSW Musikfestival, after which it was contracted for the US-based Ghostly International record company, which published This Is for the White in Your Energy in North America on August 18, 2009. Their next release was Rhine Gold in March 2012. Grasque, the band's third recording session, was published on 19 February 2016.

Hollow Talk" from the début record was used for the opening and evening credits of the Nordic policeman The Bridge (2011, 2013, 2015, 2018).

Who is the choir of the young believers and what else is on the sound track?

The Bridge will be back in the forth and last seasons - and also the urgent motto is there again. Here is everything you need to know about the sound track for the restart of the show on 11 May at 9 pm on BBC2..... Hollow Talk is the name of the sound track for the Danish-Swedish detective story collection.

Its title melody comes from the act Choir Of Young Believers from Denmark, which became famous for its popular tunes, orchestra and sinister texts. The group has had several number 1 hit bands in Denmark since its foundation in 2007 and was awarded "Best New Act" at the 2009 Denmark Music Awards.

The Hollow Talk is from the This Is For The White In Your Éyes cd. Some of the other favourite tracks from the group are Action/Reaction, Serious Lover, Sedated and Next Summer. Over the years a number of tracks have been released on the sound track of the series. Among them are 'Push The Sky Away' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and 'The Lamb' by Little Scream.

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