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Take a look at our collection of free WordPress themes that we offer for download on Choose a topic you like and download it for free. The Coup Lite is a fast, free, minimalist WordPress theme.

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The Coup Lite is a quick, free, minimalistic WordPress theme. It is a reduced edition of our very favorite coup theme. This is the most favorite WordPress plug-in. Hold each WordPress page safe, boost your audience and bind your readership. All PSD data for the topic is available, so that you can make your own changes if necessary.

Immediate downloading of the topic and the help files. Lifelong subscription to topic up-dates. Lifelong approach to fast response time. Installation and use on unrestricted domain names. A year of full WordPress cover. Lifelong availability of new theme release. Lifelong grip on lifelong supports & up-dates. Installation and use on unrestricted domain names. Lifelong full WordPress lifecycle permission.

Lifelong availability of new theme release. Lifelong grip on lifelong supports & up-dates. Installation and use on unrestricted domain names.

Tribune - Personal WordPress Blog Topic

Tribune is the ideal mix of a sleek and contemporary look with many great functions and a professional writing team. It is equipped with many neat functions to draw and bind your reader. Tribune is a mighty, quick and reactive WordPress blogs topic. Constructed to look great on all displays, and you don't have to be a developer to create and run a blogs.

So you can concentrate on the essentials, create nice contents and communicate with your readership! Thank you for thinking about the grandstand!

Free 20+ WordPress Gaming Themes 2018

Periodicals, application stories, comparative pages and more - the global gambling community is growing with its stunning population. No matter if you are interested in portable apps or ego shooter on the Xbox, you may want to build your own custom Xbox based gameplay and resell it on-line or even build an on-line mag to check out the recent matches you have had.

Whatever your motivations, the concept behind creating a website can seem a little daunting for your gambling behavior. But if you use one of the many free WordPress game topics, it will minimize the costs and amount of your website creation work. Because most game blogs begin with few players, a free theme gives you the chance to reduce costs.

Some of the topics are suited for posting advertisements, while others involve the integration of reviews that are ideal to show the user exactly what you think of the game. The majority of game sites are populated with elements of content, from images to video. Therefore, it is important to find a topic that will support high-resolution photographs and video embedding.

Together with that you need Widget assistance and a powerful blog with which you can reformat as you like. Someone who might be interested in a gambling topic? Videogame blogs and rating pages are the main objectives with the topics cited. Also we like the topics for a more extensive reporting in games-journals.

At the other end, some Web masters may want to evolve eCommerce shops for the sale of videogames or guide. Therefore, you will look for the topics with a WooCommerce integrated. Because we list free game topics, they make the most difference for novices with a small budget. Best game topics to select from:

HotGames theme is one of our favourites because it offers a classy look with neat encoding. You can customize the backgrounds to fit a large image of one of the latest titles you've checked, and the WooCommerce-enabled feature means you can publish and resell titles to your readership.

The HotGames theme, as you may suspect, is primarily intended for the operation of an on-line gambling publication. But we also suggest this for those who want to use the WordPress user interfaces to distribute their own game. You can, for example, add search engines, search engines, search engines, social networking tools, etc. to your site, for example, to add search engines, search engines, etc. that are useful for increasing your sales and converting to other sites.

Neongame WordPress theme contains a lay-out prepared for blogs about on-line matches and real playings. Related postings are provided to show your audience all the other matches you've been writing about, and eCommerce is supported by Ecwid and WooCommerce. Either a real videogame shop could use Google Maps shortcuts, and any kind of gambling site will be able to delight the reader by viewing pictures and all the site items on portable equipment.

It comes with a customized side bar so you can add customized Widgets such as the latest mailing list to the latest breaking stories in the games section. It' s convenient to use the Share socially toolbar because you might be able to share one of your ratings more than once. We' re especially pleased that the design is optimised to include a slide control so that large images of recent publications can attract the interest of your user.

Together with translation, user-defined menu and anti-spam to protect, the Neongame theme is designed to please. Look at the WordPress theme of Adobe WordPress if you are looking for an entertaining and contemporary look with background and slide controls for game screen shots. YouTube as well as Vimeo are supported by the responsive theme, which improves your possibilities to add your trailer.

Corresponding articles keep your site crowded longer, and your translations make your site work with different language versions. WooCommerce supports allow you to resell anything from used toys to how to work with Call of Duty. You' ll get some demos based on the gameworld, and the customized feedback keeps game publishers and supporters in the game.

Gameadvance theme is designed for those who want to show off their favourite movie game. The possibilities with our advanced features like movie trailer as well as our demo and demo features are infinite. It is our belief that the theme has a more sophisticated look than the others on this page, but this might work perfect for some journals and companies.

Damn it, if you want to resell Videogames, you have Ecwid and WooCommerce backing. Featuring a ready-to-slide surface, you can easily load and glide your pictures from side to side. Spam protection will protect your website, while user-defined menu items contain a number of different items such as first-person shooter and on-line game.

Choose from a variety of colours and use the appropriate entries to give your audience an impression of your other game ratings. You can use the toolbar to post your ratings on your favorite sites, while you can add shortcuts for faster design. Grinch's theme has nothing to do with the beloved Christmas tale.

Actually, it is more intended for videogame makers who want to begin disseminating information about their newsgame. You will find that with many of the free play topics, you get Ecwid and WooCommerce assistance for marketing these plays. There' s a special Twitter and Facebook Share Bars to get the message across to gamers on Facebook and Twitter, while the related postings will make you curious to learn more about the gameplay options.

Sliders can be added for the theme, and the translation is available when you try to resell a videogame in other states. Together with that, the Grinch theme incorporates functions such as antispam, search engine optimisation and reactivity. Gamelab's theme offers a straightforward yet powerfull blogs engine that' s great for novices who want to share their thoughts about how the World of Warcraft film was nothing in comparison to the videogame.

It' s something you would find in most premier online games, with a sleek and welcoming look, and a nice slide control that gets gamers going with interesting visuals. The sale of your own branded blogs or videogame clothing is simple with Ecwid and WooCommerce assistance. In fact, you can use a Google Maps shortcut to exchange information about an impending games conventions.

Adaptive theme supports shortcuts, side bars and customized Widgets, while Dynamic theme links you to the fairly large number of players who are always chatting their favourite themes on-line. For a retrospective look, CeBergames presents a robust design with grainy demos. This is a topic I wouldn't use for something insane, but it certainly calls on novices to think about videogames.

Versatile styling allows you to exchange walk-in hints on gaming or even coding skills. You could use a user-defined wallpaper to show a photo of the last match you created, or you could use a high-resolution Halo image. To say nothing of the fact that all preview of blogs reveals the pictures presented, and the right side bar can provide information about the writer or anything else from popular news button to current mailing list.

Together with the translations assistance and neat, string annotations, the Cybergames theme squashes it in the Easy Computing section. Gegame Theme presents a sinister and contemporary atmosphere, with slide control assistance and a basic blogs where you can post your thoughts about the next great PlayStation match now. So you have an outstanding system for presenting products pages for gaming and to collect cash at purchase.

In addition, the topic contains related contributions so that your old game contributions are not forgotten. It' astonishing how many free designs come with premier functionality. As an example, the Game Theme contains user-defined sidebar and widget functionality. It extends the plugin capabilities by allowing you to find customized plug-ins and plug-ins for rating stars, sharing icons, and more.

Together with this, the topic has a contact page, and you can get involved with the translating choices just in case you have some gambling enthusiasts from the other part of the can. Retro theme adds a simple retro look with a deep colour pattern that makes it a great choice for gamers.

Support voice and videos, so you can simply split your games trailer and demo. Featuring GIF animation and fluorescent colours to enhance the appeal of the retro theme, while the side bar provides room to view useful information such as your latest postings and commentary, which will help boost traffic to your website.

In addition, the retro theme of socially responsible communication is kind, and you can readily convert it into other language. Joystick theme is a great choice for on-line gambling magazine when you consider that it has a well thought-out look that allows you to present a lot of contents about your gambling attempts. No matter whether it's a review, trailer or demo, you'll find room for everything.

You' ll be particularly excited about how advertising-friendly this site is - it contains many different commercials in optimum areas so you can earn more sales from your gambling site. The joystick design includes a sleek slide control that lets you show off your best contents on the front page. You' ll also find free online contacts, as well as free online contacts, as well as free online contacts, plus you' ll find free online contacts, free of charge online contacts, as well as free access to your website, plus you' ll find free online contacts, as well as free access to your website.

Inkhive has created Paraxe, an appealing and professional WordPress theme. It can be used for game blogging as well as for magazine and has a deep colour pattern and fun para lax effect that will make a big impact on your people. Socials are nicely placed at the top, making them highly visible and tempting viewers to join you on other shelves.

Selected areas and slider controls allow you to emphasize your best game scores, promotional offers, and other important information. In addition, thanks to the supplied language translators, you can effortlessly convert the Paraxe Theme into other programming languages, as well as the templates are very adaptable, so you can adapt them to your needs.

One of the most cool and feature-rich WordPress topics for free play on the web is HungryOrks. Recommended for those who want to review casino software and want to shop casino software and related merchandising items on-line, this site fits seamlessly into WooCommerce and Ecwid eCommerce plug-ins. Supported videos means you can simply split your gameplay trailer and demo, while the hovering community toolbar helps deliver your mobile assets efficiently to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as well.

Together with language conversion utilities, dynamically loaded contents, enhanced edit controls, and anti-spam protections, the HungryOrks theme offers a pretty strong blow to a free master. Featuring a challenging theme with appealing layout, the theme of gaming layout will appeal to players, especially those who love to play games using the games via GTV. This fully reactive theme has a great slide control on the home page that lets you emphasize your best match scores, histories, and promotional actions.

It offers powerful streaming capabilities, which means that you can simply add your own trailer and demo from YouTube. Yet another eye-catching aspect of the game play theme is its ability to work with two of the best WordPress e-commerce plug-ins - WooCommerce and Ecwid - that allow you to resell your game and related items from your website in just a few moments.

You' ll also find a hovering sidebar, customized side bars and widgets, translations tools, contacts pages, and more when you are downloading this topic. This Gamescript theme was developed for games magazine and blog. There come many nice functions that will impress gambling fans, among them large slider controls that are perfectly suited to highlight screen shots of games and attract traffic to your inside pages.

Videos include so you can publish your favorite movie trailer and demo. The Gamescript theme is eCommerce-enabled, so you can simply resell your gaming or merchandising items directly from your website. Gaming shops will enjoy Google Map integrations because they allow prospective clients to find your precise locations in no time at all.

In addition, the theme features a gooey community chat room and community symbols that make it easier for your supporters to easily track you and your games across Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus as well. Mínefun is a WordPress theme for games, based on Minecraft, the famous online videogame.

Suspended traffic makes it easier for your supporters to advertise your site on Facebook, Twitter and other community sites, while supporting videos means you can hassle-free upload your games trailer and demo. Get to know GameCenter, a freshly designed WordPress theme with stunning functionality and many easy-to-use customisation tools.

Gamers will adore the blacks and blues, breathtaking frontsliders and large pictures, as well as the possibility to split videos, trailer and demo movies. E-Commerce assistance is provided by the Ecwid plug-in and WooCommerce, so you can begin to sell your matches and merchandising items within a few moments.

In addition, the Gamecenter theme contains translations that are useful if you're addressing gamers in other states. You will also see the gooey panel for socially sharing messages and the soft symbols in the bottom line that encourages your users to join you and post your messages on different community forums. Skt magazine has a great theme and is designed to be quick and workable.

Ideal for games journals, the site has a well organised home page that allows you to present a lot of contents without looking unwieldy. This section looks great to highlight your best scores, and contains slide bars and miniatures. You can also find symbolic symbols in the side bar and in the bottom line. Also, the Skt Magazine design is advertising-friendly to help you earn income from your website, and it is compliant with many favorite WordPress Plugins, such as WooCommerce, Nextgen Gallery, Facebook and more.

Flexithemes is the source of GamesPad, a traditional WordPress theme that can be used in both games blog and magazine blog. You' ll instantly see the breathtaking backdrop that perfectly matches screen shots of games. There is a slide bar for tagged items in the head area that allows you to emphasize your best assets stylistically. At the top, there's a section that displays your Facebook symbols, and you can also include a Facebook Widget in the side bar.

You' ll also like the advertising possibilities of the GamesPad theme - you can place advertisements in the head or in the sideline. In addition, the submission includes over 7 user-defined Widget and is WooCommerce enabled, which means that you can simply attach an on-line store to your website. The FunnyGames is another nice, extremely adaptable WordPress game theme from the people at Flexithemes.

It has been specially developed for gaming sites and blogging. Comes with a marked post slide that instantly attracts the attention of your website visitors, nice wallpapers, community networking and more. The FunnyGames theme comes with an on-line store so you can quickly sell your toys or merchandising items on-line.

In addition, the submission has two side bars on the right and user-defined widgets to conveniently include things like ads, community members, current postings and other useful contents.

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