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Powerful design for creating magazine, newspaper, and blog websites that includes a magazine template and a multi-function blog template. Ideal for magazines and news. Infinity child theme Mag.

Complimentary WordPress magazine theme with slider: Magazine Rara

The free WordPress theme of Rara Magazine is optimised for all kinds of tablet, cell phone, laptop and personal computer monitors. Since more than 50% of Google scans are done on cell phone, this topic is very appealing and has been developed to fit any size display. Google Rara Magazine passed the cell phone test. That means better placement in your results and better usability.

Browsers will find your website to be in raptures. Our experts' know-how and experience in developing the topic of your website have helped us to make it easy for your website to be found and placed on the results page by your website searching engine. This topic gives you an advantage that will help you outperform your competition.

The free WordPress theme of Rara Magazine is optimised for performance, which means your website loads quicker and your traffic runs smoothly. This topic, with its pace, will help you to keep your clients and enhance commitment. So start your website with pre-built contents and preferences so you don't have to waste your life redesigning your website from the ground up!

With one click, you can freely upload all pictures, text and content from Rara Magazine's online demonstration, as we believe you should devote more of your attention to your project than to your website. The Rara Magazine comes with a colour chart. The colour schemes function allows you to modify the appearance of your website within seconds.

By selecting any colour for each category and customising the colour to your liking, you can adapt your website to your own style. With Rara Magazine you can show your community content on your website so that your traffic can find you in community content.

Using your website's online content will also help you increase your company's commitment. This topic also promotes the use of Russia's and China's own socially responsible organizations such as OK, VK, Zing and others. There is no limit to the amount of additional content you can include on your website. The Rara Magazine design is fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in. It' easy to set up a merchandising sales channel on your website.

The Rara Magazine offers a lot of room for Widgets. Allows you to create and maintain the desired widgets without affecting the theme look. Wide screen designs and codes allow you to tailor your website to your needs. The Rara Magazine is neat and has a striking, contemporary look that will delight your audience.

This topic will leave a good and permanent imprint on your website as well. The Rara Magazine is cross-browser compliant, which means it works smoothly with all major web applications. Rara Magazine is testing the theme with the latest versions on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge. With the flawless fonts, sizes, spacing and contrasts, Rara Magazine makes sure your contents are gentle on the eyes and your viewers love what you have to say.

The Rara Magazine theme assists localisation so that you can use the theme in your own native tongue. The Rara Magazine publishes in both LTR and RTL supported tongues. Be self-confident when writing contents! Our topics are regularly updated to the latest safety and technological standard. It' easy to create your own design on your website with the Rara Magazine design.

Do you want to edit some css effects or do you want to edit the colour of a section? With Rara Magazine you can simply apply your own customizing effect directly from the tool. Adapting and manipulating the design is very simple because the design is based on neat, well-organized and annotated work. If you need help with this topic, you can use our convenient customer service tickets to get in touch with our customer service staff.

There are no fees for using the Rara Magazine WordPress Theme. Feel free to browse and use the theme for a life time and on any number of sites you want to visit. And there are no latent costs or restrictions in using the functions contained in this topic.

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