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News Paper X is a special WordPress theme. Fast-reacting, versatile blog and magazine theme with vibrant colors and fonts. Want to use the free Dynamic News WordPress theme?

WordPress Free News Theme GoPress

It' a theme that' fits any on-line news bulletin, news page or blogs. This theme was designed with a strong emphasis on the fundamental mail formats to keep things easy and make it easy for you to switch from one theme to another or vice versa. What's more, you'll be able to change the theme and the way you want to change it. And, as always, the theme is published under the GPL licence - so you can use it as often as you like.

This topic contains a default mailbox with a tagged picture and a postbox with a tagged movie instead of a tagged picture. Naturally, you can always decide to have no presented medias and simply attach text to your contributions. No matter what you select, GoPress has all the great features you know and like that come with every WordPress theme.

Plus simple to use menus, simple pull & pull widgets and the fantastic WordPress Theme Customizer (where you customize the wallpaper colour, insert a wallpaper picture, edit the text and much more). This GoPress theme uses the WordPress add_image_size feature for your presented pictures. So, when you enable the theme, run a recovery plug-in so that the pictures can be cropped to the right size for the theme (we suggest the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin). You can see all recorded picture size in the source file at inc/image-sizes.php that can be used if you want to resize a theme.

These are the standard sizes: This topic contains a few choices like how to set the primary site logotype, how to select the categories in which you use the slide bar of your homepage, how to edit the copyrights of the footer....etc. Just go to Appearance menu > Customize > Theme Preferences to make your changes.

Fast response layout

Fast-reacting, versatile topic for blogs and magazines with strong colours and type. Delivered with a presented contents regulator and a page guide. The Dynamic News has a smooth lay-out that adapts itself to every monitor display area. This theme comes with a wonderful slide show that can be viewed on the front page artwork of the magazines and in the regular blogs index.

In the customizer, you can represent your contributions with a customizable postal day. Using the homepage templates for the magazines, you can easily build a homepage in the style of a magazin. This shows the Featured Mail Slider and a widgettized area where you can use the customized category Mail Widget to view the latest postings from the category of your choosing.

And because the artwork is widget driven, there's no limit to how you can create your magazine front. The Dynamic News software provides a great customizer for all theme-related adjustments, including: Dynamic News' head content function allows you to simply insert a browse field and include your own style symbols to the right of the head area.

Dynamic News is of course under the GPL. This means that you can use it on boundless web sites for personal and business use. I am focused on the creation of simple to use and adaptable WordPress themes for magazines.

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