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The Flat Responsive WordPress is a great theme for any design agency, with clear design, minimal layout and reactive slider. WorldPress mobile plugins that help you to design your website quickly.

10 Best WordPress Plugins for a 100% Responsive Theme

SimilarWeb State of Web US 2017 reported that about 61% of US consumers' visits to US sites came from portable equipment. Web travel has increased by an annual 10% on avarage and is likely to remain so. So, if you are on WordPress, you might wonder if your website is optimised for your phone.

Whilst it is important to keep your website 99.9% safe and load time under 1 second, ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is becoming increasingly important in our mobil-first word. This can be used to make your website respond to all your equipment. With the installation and optimization of this plug-in, WP Touch detects when someone is visiting your website from a portable phone.

Briefly, with this plug-in you can have two different editions of your website up and running - one for mobiles, one for desktop and one for laptop. As an added benefit, you can select the display format on which your website is shown as a cell phone, as well as modify your title, view, enlarge and even create a specific destination page.

There' a free release with many choices and several subscription schedules offering multi-site technical assistance, advertisements, bundled topics and more. With this plug-in, you can help your website visitors turn their website contents into an amazingly advanced webcam. There are several topics for apps that can be bought separately or as a package.

Android and Apple iOS as well as major browser platforms such as Google Chrome, Safari and others. There are more functions in the professional edition, among them more topics, search engines, search engines, search engines, and more. Like WordPress® Mobile Pack, what if you don't want the same design for desktop and device?

With this plug-in you can create two topics for your website: one for your phone and one for everything else. This works by recognizing the machine that visits your site and displaying the topic of your choice from the default settings. In fact, you can even choose a different design to view it for different browser types.

With Theme Switcher you can recognize iPhones, Android, Windows Mobiles and more before your website is loaded. Do you know that up to 89% of smart insights enabled smart phones use an application to connect to the Internet? To be such a portable site, try this plug-in.

Turns your website into a portable application and a portable website. Simply deploy the portable application and select a preset to turn your website into an instant application. You have topics and hints for many companies, from night clubs to automobiles. This WordPress plug-in lets you autocompress and enhance your pictures as you load them into your home page without sacrificing image clarity.

Big picture attachments can slow down your portable website without you even noticing it. It uses sophisticated and invisible technologies to quickly zip each of your pictures, even if they've already been up-loaded. To ensure that your website is optimised for mobility, one of the most challenging points is the menus or your navigational system.

A few topics don't take this into consideration and give a distorted, difficult to use meal to your device. You can use the Max Mega Men├╝ plug-in to do this. It lets you include many popular WordPress widgets in your menus, redesign the menus with an enhanced design painter, and modify the behavior of the menus on different machines.

A great toolset for optimising your web site desktops dashboard navigation, it can also be used to show breathtaking pictures to your desktops while remaining easy for your travellers. You can even choose to fade out text for your device, turn off hyperlinks, or even fade out the navigation on your screen. Among the portable features are a searching function, symbols and the logotype for portable switching units.

Using widgets for your pages and postings can waste precious web-spaces when it comes to traffic from a portable devices. Using the Dynamic Widget, you can select which pages your Widget should show by selecting the Show or hide Widget by condition rules checkbox.

User can configure these policies by WordPress roles, browsers types, IP addresses, languages (with WPML or QTranslate), URLs, individual postings, individual pages, and yes, even for portable device. It can also serve as a kind of marker for your website on your portable device. With this plug-in you can create and setup your own favicon for iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows tables and even a notebook or even a tablet.

There is not a picture created for a unit workaround. Favoricon will generate all the symbols you will ever need for the portable equipment that visits your website. Creates automatic optimised favor icon for iPhone and Android, includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE and Camino. However, the best function for WordPress pages is the possibility to fade out all items when users come from a display that is too small to keep them.

Simply select the device on which you want to see the items shown by checking it. Cornerstone Page Builder is bundled with Themeco's beloved WordPress Theme, but if you have $39, you can buy it for your design. Let's face it, what you want from your wireless users is that they use the cell phones they use to search your site to inform you about your goods or service.

You can make it easier for them by downloading and using this WordPress plug-in. Places an actual key that says "call now" or shows an onscreen symbol on the portable unit that is not seen on other major units. And because these mobiles are already using their cell phone, they can call you at the press of a number.

Just type your number into the Call Now plug-in, the colour you want the buttons to appear in and where you want them to appear. They can even incorporate a click-tracking methodology with the plug-in, which includes Google Universal Analytics and Google Classic Analytics. It is also possible to select on which pages the buttons should appear.

Okay, so it's not a plug-in, but if you want to test if your website is wireless or not, use this free utility. Google Mobilityriendly Test tests and shows you what your website looks like on a portable phone. We also received a location-wide portable user experience that served as a benchmark.

Hopefully this will help you get the most out of your WordPress page and give you more portable traffic and related page transitions. Obviously the WordPress plugin environment is constantly evolving, new functionality is added and improved - so make sure you keep up to date with the latest and greatest compatibility plug-ins that will further enhance your website instead of shutting it down.

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