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Using the zip file to the topic on your desktop: To install the premium theme from a zip file. In order to start, you should have a ZIP file with the theme from wherever you found the WordPress design. tool to submit topics. This is used to package and prepare WordPress.

com topics.

Updating the theme using a ZIP archive

If you want to use a zip archive to refresh a design, you need to perform some simple tasks. Using the zip archive to the topic on your desktop: Go to AppearanceThemes and change to another theme you have already set up, e.g. Twenty Sixteen. Move the mouse pointer over the topic you are trying to refresh and click Topic Details.

In Appearance Themes, click Appearance New, and then click Upload Theme. Then click Choose Thread, choose the Topic Zip on your computer and click the Install Now Buttons. Thereby no theme setting or data is wasted. However, if you have encoded directly into theme executables using AppearanceEditor, these changes will be forfeited.

When using the above procedure to change from a free to a Puro theme, perhaps because the auto upgrading has been unsuccessful, please make sure that your order number is entered in the Puro Order Code box under SettingsGeneral after the completion of the upgrading procedure. Safari Browsers extract downloaded data from the file system using an automated compression algorithm.

Topic executables must remain clipped to be install with the above mentioned installation procedure. How to stop Safari when unpacking files: Disable the "Open secure file after download" checkbox.

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Hello Vittorio, When you take a look at your browsers preferences, you will be told the pathname (location) where you download the file. Usually this is a download file on your harddisk, unless you have defined a place like the desktops yourself. They will most likely be stored in your download area.

Otherwise, try resaving the original document and make sure you know where to store it. Only members with a valid account are permitted to posts in the forums. Please login in or register for the mail.

Can' t up-load the zip files of the installation program, because they will be unpacked during the downloading process.

When you are a Mac/Safari Mac or Safari Mac or Safari Mac or Safari Mac or Safari Mac or Safari Mac user, your Zip images are unpacked by default whenever you are downloading them. It will cause a trouble when you install the Beaver Builder plug-in and designs because you have to up-load the zip on your WordPress page. You can also use the Beaver Builder plug-in and the theme downloads with another web browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

Downloads the Beaver Builder plug-in and the theme zip on Mac/Safari: On the General page at the bottom, clear the Open secure downloaded documents check box. Visit your My Account page and redownload the plug-in, and optional the theme and sub theme if you have the license to use it.

Your WordPress file will now be downloaded as a zip file that you can use to add to your WordPress page. To reset your Safari preferences to extract Zip and open other Zip file after downloading, redo steps 1 and check the box.

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