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Topic Zip file Download

When you purchase the premium version of one or our designs, you will notice that you have been provided with a link to download the premium theme as a .zip file. How are the zip files downloaded to the desktop before they are uploaded? You can download the in front of the members area.

Note: Some browsers (e.g. Safari) automatically extract zip files. The Catch Theme Updater Plugin has been successfully downloaded and activated.

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Tell statements to leak on zip file to instal. Can' t get a zip file, multiple folder, but none for setting up. Hi @rogerc32, First of all thank you for using the professional versions of the theme. Returning to you now, we think you are puzzled about the installation of the theme.

In order to get the theme installed, you can use two processes and to know it, please click on the following link: There is no Zip file. This file I got is called construction-base-pro. When I choose this directory from the Dashboard, it opens with multiple directories and multiple file types. Once you have purchased the design from the Theme Panel, you can download the design in Zip file size and the important thing is that you don't have to extract the file and extract it again to be able to load it into your admin panel.

Once you have uploaded the zip file from your Zip file client please download it directly without any changes. Please obey the following instructions to up-load. Choose the Look and Feel window, and then choose Designs. Choose New. Click the Submit Topic icon. Browse to find the file from your computer that you have retrieved from your computer user interface.

Choose and click Install Now. It is also possible to FTP the file. How can I download the demonstration files in XML form?

How to use a theme from a .zip file

When you purchase the Premier Edition of one or more of our designs, you will find that you have been provided with a download URL for the Premier Theme as a .zip file. It is known that when you download the file, your computer unpacks the file for you. Do not let your computer do this before you download the file, or you can recompress the file to reinstall it.

Contains all Topic Zip file. In order to download the Topic, you must login to your WordPress dashboard and submit this zip file. Select Image -> Topics -> New -> Submit topic. You will be taken to the Topics page, which displays a listing of all the topics you currently have on this WordPress page.

You will see a Create New icon at the top... click this icon to create a new WordPress theme. You will now get a listing of all the topics in the Repository, where you can choose from many topics and filters them by the Featured, Popular, and latest topics, all of which are included in the repository.

Above you will see the theme uplink.... click on this link and it will take you to the page where you can uplink your new file. On this page you can download the zip file that you have bought / download... Please click on Install and click on the Zip file.

When you click Instal, you'll see the WordPress installation process for the theme for you, and when it's done, you'll see the option for previewing it alive, activating it, or returning to the theme page. Make sure that you have the design under Appearance -> Topics... and NOT under Plugins -> Ad New... User have sometimes made this bug by going to the Plugin area instead of the Topics area, but WordPress will show you an issue and you will see that the installation didn't work.

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