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It' Chicago's longest running interactive dinner show. D.C. restaurants that entertain the kids. It' s 6:32 p.

m. and your children either crawl under the dining room desk or break through the acoustic wall with their wonderful screams because you may have forgot to grab the range of sandwiches they need. If three pencils and a colouring pencil are not enough, the 12 restaurants below offer child-friendly fun that will keep you busy until dinner.

Of course, most restaurants have small painting cloths and a few wax-like pencils for children to write on, but Bartaco goes a little further. From Dora to Paw Patrouille, this light-hearted neighbourhood lets children choose a full-size (!!!) colouring picture books and a fistful of Crayola pens to work with as they await their stewed meat and spiced wheat wheelers.

The other highlights on the children's card are "not hot" guacomoles and crisps and a large serving dish with enough for three children (for only $14!). The Pinstripes is a singular place for eating and entertaining, which offers "demanding fun" through its event areas for partys ( birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, company events), Italian-American bistros, week-end life-lues and jazz, dinner in wines, bars and bands as well as Mum and Dead game data.

Conspicuously good meals are served alongside running Bowling and Boccia lessons during the course of the morning and evening. On the children's card you will find popular favourites such as PB&J, Mac'n cheeses, balls of meat with pasta butter and hen-uggets. A biscuit is given to each kid to garnish - and they finish their dinner by eating, of course.

Featuring an indoors miniature course, keeeball, shuffleboard desks and a huge Jenga play, don't put the finger on us if your kids say they won't be starving until their meals arrive. You can choose to rent one while your parent waits for some consolation and perhaps one of the restaurant's famous milk shakes.

In each of the restaurant's venues, babbling over the delicious home-made pop tarts and other delicious delicacies in the foreground bunker cases is another way to simply slay five of your waiting moments. The Diner begins to play a cartoon on the big silver-screen around 6 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday morning and the children are welcome to come in their pyjamas for lunch.

Cactus Cantina, a Mexico spiral on top of Big Pizzas as Playdoh, features a hill of tortilla batter for mashing, squiking and rolling down for starving pint-sized clients until handgry is over - or until their tasty tacos, naughts or pastries come in. It'?s the general store that'?s part of the dining room.

There is no better way to spend your free hours than with the recently enlarged and doubled sized toyshop to house even more gadgets, plays, sweets, presents, jewellery and other treats. Neighbourhood residents also know that the general stores offer a huge range of beers and wines to take away, which is uncommon in Maryland.

Besides ÀMAZING Cow, the Ristorante takes care of the youngest guests, beginning with an upscale children's card that contains things like a waffle with stewed peaches. Maybe you will yourself find out one or two things about the perfect quality of pizzas. It' s a great place to have your own local snack, but the table tennis is probably even better - especially if it distracts the little hillside cubs!

Elderly children will like to "search" for the bathroom tucked behind mysterious shelters. Everybody will enjoy the custard pie (with vegetarian and gluten-free options), and Mom and Dad (and adventure-seeking Tykes) should be saving space for the wood-fried pumpkin spread, cabbage and turnips. And we know we know more custard pie (but is that a terrible thing??).

Ask your waiters for some custard with which the children can have fun - just like with Play-Doh, but not quite as eyebrow-wracking when they "accidentally" have some of this abstracted replica of a dynamite sausage. Wildfire's children's meal is always tasty (with choices from Mac'n to broiled smoked ham with croccoli - you can always daydream, can't you?) and is always served with applesauce and juices or milks - but we especially enjoy their seasonality.

Take your sweet little moments for your autumn squash or winter breakfasts with Santa Claus.

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