Themed Restaurants

thematic restaurants

These are some of the wildest restaurants in America. Browse our list of the most popular themed restaurants to find a new dining place. There are 10 television and film restaurants around the world to choose from.

Formerly a teashop belonging to Shirley Hot, a fanatical physician, this place is now the Pandorica, a physician who has set up a themed cafeteria. Inside you'll find the TARDIS case and Dr. Who eating his dinner. Faith doctors who know it symbolises the case of Gallifrey. Spoiler, sweets and plenty of teas are served in the cafeteria.

During the meal you can relish a repetition of some of your favourite episodes of Dr. Who. In 1996, just two years after the release of Forrest Gump, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. opened the first Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. dining room in California. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. was given its name after the figure of Buford "Bubba" Gump in the film.

It is a fish eatery that offers a wide range of prawn meals and you will be very satisfied with the flavour. You can also enjoy ribbed babies, roast chickens and home-made sweets. Sample one of their prawn meals, they will not let you down. The Bubba Gump Bump Co. The Bubba Gump Bump Co.

You can also have fun with the automatic carousel or just dine in the cafeteria. Her specialties are pastas and sushi and the café belongs to a Korean who likes the movies titaniumic. This café is formed like a huge boat and the guests dine in small boat-cabs.

Though Cafe Jack is a little odd because part of the interior doesn't match, it's still amazing. There is a magical stool and a sorting hat in this one. True enchantment is how they cook their food! Sometimes the preparation of good food takes too long, but not with Pasta Wiz. Your promises to your clients are wholesome food in just 3-5 mins!

The Pasta Wiz also offers other delicious meals such as lettuce, pasta and Mediterranean cuisine. Shire Café offers Elevensies, Gollum's Mass, Frodo and Samwise for your breakfasts. All of these are from the Lord of the Rings who inspired this café. Frodo lived in The Shire in the Middle Ages, and this café has a remarkable similarity to the Shire in the film.

In Hungry Heroes, you'll be welcomed by Marvel and DC heroes, most of whom grace the wall of the café. The first two-storey Super Heroestaurant in Singapore, Hungry Heroes offers affordably priced US food and other savoury delicacies. Strange flowers embellish the Wonderland Cafe wall - just like in Alice in Wonderland.

Then visit Bettle House, a Tim Burton-inspired pub and café. That' s exactly what these restaurants are offering, and the good thing is that they will be staying here unlike the film.

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