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Guests who have managed to make a rare reservation at El Ideas should prepare for anything - if they can find the restaurant at all. This is a list of theme restaurants that are ideal for children and family fun. When you' re looking for activities in Chicago, a unique experience for locals and tourists is in your local SafeHouse restaurant.

Fifteen children's restaurants in Chicago A must for the whole Chicago familiy

Everybody is covered, obviously... There's even a passcode to get into the eatery, and if you don't know it, you'll have to go through a release test. Children will enjoy the joy, the meal and the mission in the home! Tommy Gun's Audience Interactive Dinner Theatre looks like a real Tommy Gun's Garages, offering great dining and entertaining.

And as the song's name implies, the crowd will take part in the show that will make everyone laugh!

25 most unique restaurant concepts in Chicago

Whilst the unfathomable position of the restaurants can convey exclusiveness, El Ideas is actually looking to re-define the enemy by removing barrier. It has no wall between dinners and cooks, giving visitors an informal connection to the kitchens. Also, as visitors are emboldened to engage with the cooks, the services themselves are as much a show as a diner evening.

The Alinea website is clear: "Alinea is not a hospital. "In addition to tasty meals, Alinea offers a show, a show of contemporary cooking and "a portion of emotion" with a humble three- to five-hour 18 to 22-course meal. Since Chef Grant Achatz was introduced on Netflix's Chef's Table, the reputation of the restaurants has soared.

Eating is only half the adventure in Alinea - you will be left the place changed. Guests order via a mic and eat their meal in the vehicle training area, where a carpop provides their supper.

To many of us, it's a conceptual approach we've only seen in film. The Drifter has been described as one of Chicago's best bar venues and is closer to a real speakeasy than any other. Coctail menus are offered on tartaros. Beverages vary every single night, as does the entertaining that can involve performers and a wide range of performers.

The Chicago Athletic Association's game room provides just that for supper, beverages and a (friendly?) contest. The game room provides a more sophisticated view of the classic gastronomy, and guests can enjoy the billiard table, boccia field, maps, checkers table and pit table, kicker, shuttles and more. Game Room is the place in Chicago where group meetings and birthdays take place.

Dance your way through your dance with our Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club, which will appeal to all your senses. Your evening meal will be a delight. Kat Kit described his décor as "South Beach hits Hollywood". "There' s a two-hour meal on Saturday evenings. So the only hint that Au Cheval is a dining place is the bottom ash and the bottom ash on the menue.

It' just to say that Au Cheval draws the guests because it has the unparalleled capacity to take them back to the 1920s and 1930s. Guests who have the feeling that they were birthed in the wrong time à la Midnight in Paris will find their way back here. In contrast to most of the restaurants on this page, the Girl & the Goat does not depend on its surroundings or its subject to entice her.

Girl & The Goat features a one-of-a-kind blend of tappingas with calamari brushetta, ducks, wood-fired pork face and more. Girl & the Goat is evidence that gastronomes can take a singular stance to an everyday idea and be hugely rewarding. In the Rehydrate Water Bar and Cafe guests can enjoy the delicious traditional Banja, a diving basin, a Thai massages and... enjoy a delicious meal of Mexico.

Russia's Banja is a traditionally steamed mountain hut adventure; visitors are sprayed with oaken broom to activate the circulation of water, and then they are seated in a tumorous steam-bath. Visitors then return to the restaurants where they can treat themselves to everything from bell peppers to sweet fried fish. afeHouse Chicago turns guest into spy.

Guests' "espionage experience" begins before they even arrive at their dinner table. In order to begin an night at SafeHouse Chicago, clients must find a top security entry, enter a passcode, and undergo a release check. Known as a place for spying, the eatery is rumoured to be able to spot eaters at neighbouring dining rooms.

Alive pianos, bourbon-centric beverages, animals' heads, lighted lights and western-style décor together make for an ambience that suits a cowboy... or a hope. Tack Room should be a reminder to the restaurateur that if you have a topic, everything, from decoration to menus, must be used to make it happen. The Carnivale uses its own distinctive approach to delight its customers beyond the dining experiences.

According to tradition, one of the former proprietors was possessed by an antique and would fill every corner and crack of the building with 18th century cakes. Busts look down from the plinths as guests enjoy their desire for toppings. Whilst the décor of Gulliver's own special feature is the décor of the Gulliver's own pallet, it is the pallet for which the place is famous.

Meanwhile the hotel has extended by 350 places and an infinite number of anticques. It just shows that the addition of a peculiarity to your approach, no matter how weird, can also contribute to your visibility. Chicago Eater names the Wiener's Circle "Chicago's most polluted restaurant." The Next seems to be one of a kind, just as all moon restaurants are unique: the Next produces meals with arcane trimmings, odd presentations, innovating cookery techniques and insane taste combo.

However, Next expands the limits of experiential cooking through changing subjects. In addition to its ambience, the eatery is also known for its bark map. The name of a meal can travel a long way. Name of the place means both fireplace and fire, which the place in Peak does justice to.

Visitors are invited to interactively work with the cooks, which only helps to make the event cozy. Revival Food Hall is a market place like no other. Underneath one umbrella, it houses the best of Chicago's food milieu. Covering an area of 24,000 m² in the centre of the city's commercial area, Revival Food Hall is home to 15 fast-food restaurants presenting Chicago's favourite restaurants and up-and-coming cuisine.

Gastronomy's aim is to familiarise the commercial world with the kitchen of remote districts and to offer new caterers a place where they can present themselves. When restaurants are both an arts and a sciences, the décor of The Albert is exploring both. Chandeliers made from test tube inspiration hang from the ceilings, and a series of sci-fi stories are decorated with shelves.

It' s inventive enough for a geek to get a thrill from the scientifically inspiring beverage card, while gourmets can indulge in modernity. Much of the cocktail on the beverage menue supports the "legendary past barkeepers of Tiki". "A few are carrying a word of caution: a head designates "drinks of impressing strength" and warns the chatterers against "tender swallowing".

While yes, three points can have a small menue, most guests are drawn more by the hundred of drums available on their rums index. Do one thing and do it really, really well. The Elizabeth Restaurant uses "lost and abandoned foodstuffs and conservation methods" and uses them for seasonality.

Elizabeth Works is a place from farms to tables that brings the search for fodder to the next stage. Her passion is to travel the globe and get to know the community through good eating.

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