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Sparkling Mexican food with Asian hints from a prominent chef. There is a loud and bustling atmosphere, and the French-stamped decor is transported. "("Super Fun"), NYC: We went to a ninja theme restaurant with magic.

Ranking of DC themed restaurants

And if you haven't seen it yet, DC restorers like to give their all on the subject. Presidential Restaurant Group's full-US restaurant offers a pizza service based on the inspiration of celebrities from the 13 colonies - all for $17.76. When DC residents are able to enjoy orange crushes and Berger biscuits at this Maryland Orange pub, why would they want to make a quick journey to Maryland?

Anne Spiegel reports about the eating and drink scenes in her home DC. Sidman Jessica reports about the D.C. scene's inhabitants and latest developments.

13 Best Theme Restaurants in Washington DC

The Washington DC is such an icy place that you can have any kind of real life there. Ranging from bizarre cocoa plants to Morrocan basares to good old-fashioned stories, Washington DC offers a wide range of eating options. Come to these 13 themed restaurants in Washington DC for a funny and memorable eating time.

Find even more stunning eating adventures in surprising places at this 13 best holes in Washington DC's Wandrestaurants.

There are 9 absolutely unique restaurants in DC

Small new Amerindian dishes. Burger, hamburger and more hamburgers. However, there are some restaurants that try to stand out from the crowd. "Vegan " and "Diner" are usually not words that you find together - or, quite honestly, want to find. However, if someone can make great varieties of dinner convenience food, let Sticky Finger's proprietor and pastry chef Doron Petersan.

In her Atlas District dinner there are some rather great vegetarian delicacies like Chilequiles, Poland fritters, Pierreogi and a really great vegetarian burgers. Whilst the originals can be found in San Francisco, this cheeky place in the Hotel Monaco is different from any other DC dining venue. Initial news reports described the aperitif programme as "subversive" and the mood as "apocalyptic" and "designed to make you comfortably uncomfortable".

Anticipate tabletop pintoxos and deserts, global inspiration and large size coctails serving in savage containers like a steamboat. Featuring a small back side counter that' s not only flipper inspiration, but also the feeling of being in a flipper game. In order to get this feeling, the beard top is made of classical flipper rear window, flipper front end covers appear in places like keg grips, the room is a cosy rectangular with funny lights and there is an aquarium behind the ale.

The room also features a mixture of sofas, cabins and high tables for up to 50 people. Enjoy a veggie-forward retro-chic dinner, buffet & snack with full board breakfasts, snack bars & coctail. Global inspirations for New America Shares dishes & coctails in a trendy, angular room with a patio.

Caleidoscopic bar top made of flipper back glass dominating a trendy meeting place for beverages and refreshments. Imaginative decoration and beverages are nodding according to old tradition, while contemporary american bar meals get a worldwide luster. A slender and contemporary restaurant that offers Lao food and classical coctails with an extravagant touch. OUTBACK style restaurant with Aussie specialities such as pâtés & mutton, as well as wine & coctails.

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