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Extra pictures (in order) with friendly permission: Mm-hmm. Elaine's Cape May NJ/Facebook. The Clinton Station Diner / Website. Heavenly breakfast at Morey's Piers via. Huntington's CB Family Restaurant.


Best themed restaurants in NJ

It goes to everyone who has made it this far to settle for a single meals if they could have an outing. Take a look at our New Jersey theme restaurant guide and get started! Visit Lyndhurst for supper and a tourney - and the chance to dine with your hand in the open air.

They may be acquainted with the tradition of hen leg, but the royal court also has a vegetable variety with rummy, pie loaf and a three-bean casserole. Elaine's is one of the few places in New Jersey where visitors can really get supper and a show. Various shows are available throughout the year, allowing visitors to indulge in a full evening of dining while a theatre show takes place during the lunch.

It' a funny and great way to revise your dining schedule, so call for a reservation today! Come early and visit The Porch at Elaine's, where you can sample cocktails and listen to life tunes before the show. It' a funny and great way to revise your dining schedule, so call for a reservation today!

Visitors have the opportunity to dine in a 1927 Blue Comet van, which is much more beautiful than today's NJ Transit coaches. Featuring safari guide serving serves and an array of tropic rain forest wildlife and animals around its desks, Reinforest Café is the most adventure evening meal you can get without having to pay for a flight pass.

The archetype has wonderful cave-like partitions in a poorly illuminated dinning room. Although archetype also offers dinners, there are rumours that the dessert here lies outside this realm. The Cuban Pete's is as near paradise as it is in New Jersey. Luxuriant green areas and the cosy farmhouse cuisine offer an entertaining, relaxed atmosphere.

McLoone's has nearly a dozen restaurants throughout the Garden State, while Bayonne, Hillsborough and Fords provide all off-track bets. Menus include happily ever after sandwiches and drinks highlights, as well as a full range of breakfasts (except at the Fords location), lunches and dinners. Probably the most singular meal New Jersey has to offer. What is more, it's a great place to eat and relax.

Celestial breakfasts were presented in the Travel Channel's Epic Attractions and offer our visitors the possibility to discover the Ferris wheels in a whole new way. Every vehicle is used as a dinner and up to four persons can take advantage of the 156 -foot breakfasts with stunning sea and coastal view.

Booking is necessary and this is another seasonally available alternative which is normally open from July to August. There is no beach promenade on this menue - your selection of courts reaches from bio egg with pig stomach and chanterelles over a Jerseytomate B.L.T. up to roasted leavenbrot. Melting Pot is a gourmet cheese speciality designed for those who wish to have their meal as they please.

Select from a wide range of fruit, vegetable, bread and other choices to immerse yourself in starter, entree and desert dressings. Surroundings and the interactivity of the meals make for an entertaining and thrilling evening with your buddies, rather than just adding to a regular evening out. Now, as part of their eating experiences, visitors can savour the barbecue on the table, making supper a truly enjoyable one!

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