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This is Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. See profile. dashaakelin NINJA NEW YORK. Lunch with Skyler Burke &

Wills. When you are looking for one of the most unique themed restaurants in New York, you can't get much stranger than this creepy replica of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Each Sunday is a different theme to make the party exciting.

Cheerful themed restaurants in New York City

The New York City's list of themed restaurants is a mixture of indies and big business, but they all provide a great eating sensation for the whole familiy. Ranging from clothes like a ginja to a meal with your favourite puppet - the town has something for everyone. But the children will be fascinated and you will probably have a lot of fun.

If you want to get into the action, visit our selection of thrilling, enjoyable and engaging themed restaurants. For more things to do with children in New York, please click here. It can shock you how much you and the children enjoy this exaggerated adventure. Children will like to eat with their palms like the inhabitants of the old castles, as well as the real magical flying sparkles when blades meet in battle in the ring.

The full fare fares are $62. 95 for adult and $36. 95 for children under 12, but Medieval Times offers frequent weekly and holiday ticketing services, holiday, school vacation, etc. Their children may not appreciate the vintage charm of this old-fashioned sodalade, but they will quickly find out how new it is to sit on a footstool, place an order with a kind Farmacy "Ruck" and slur down a crafty custard.

There are many local products on the menue that are seasonally made, along with traditional Soda products such as split bananas, milk shakes, bottom beers and even a kirsch circle! Dreadless children and teenagers will adore the Beetle Juice image running around this sinister and vivid place. Beetle House is the perfect place for you if you like the thrill of eating alongside spooky people.

There' a great coctail meal and a fixed meal package for supper, which varies according to the season. There is always a meal with meats, vegetarians and vegans and the price is $30-$50 per head. Helpful to know: The place is very small and a booking is necessary. No matter whether you have a house puppy or a sweet little puppy, the Bellhund on the Upper East Side is your home.

It' a full-service eatery with a dog-friendly ambience, aimed at dogs. Unless that leads you to want to enjoy a cozy Sunday evening full of dogs, then perhaps it will be the tasty breakfasts dinner and classic Americans like barbecued cheeses, meat loaf, mac'n'cheese, spare ribs and burger. Koneko is a recently opened kitten cafe on the Lower East Side that appeals to all kitten enthusiasts.

Celebrated as America's first kitten cafe, this room, full of air and brightness, offers tasty coffees, biscuits and snacks along with sweet little kitties. There is a sound insulated partition between the cafe and the feline rooms to provide peace and tranquillity for the feline rooms (You MUST also see this new exhibition devoted to the magical powers of the boys in the New York Historical Society!).

Spaghetti and meatballs, Fettuccini Alfredo, Carbonara and Pesto Fusilli are all eaten under the name Harry Potter. However, be advised that this is not a Warner Brothers accredited eatery, so you won't find Harry Potter anywhere on the website. You' ll enjoy the simple, inexpensive food, your children will enjoy eating with the most popular young magician.

In Ninja New York, you definitely pay for the show when you eat in the Japan town, where waiter are jumping through the wall, practicing magics and doing cards while serving your sushi. Be sure to order one or two of the exciting ninja arts meals that include ninja arts and crafts as well as a variety of ninja arts and crafts items such as fire, knife and so on.

Former Miss Subway, Ellen Hart, had the notion of combining a 1950s themed dinner with vocal waiters, but after 30 years it's still a big success. Waiters are Broadway "star patterns" who are on the table, on the balconies and more, presenting your favourite shows.

Welcome to the ultimative desert resort, completely with cafe, gifts and syringe chocolates for real chocolatiers. There are tasty choices on the restaurant's menus, but it's difficult to figure out how to order a snack or lettuce when you're around so much candy. On the children card there are dekadente snacks such as e.g. melted Marshallow Crêpes with gummi bear and a Schokoladen Poker with Eisschneeball.

However, you may just want to divide the whole house (complete with a banana, strawberry, choco biscuit, marshmallow, soft choco pie and waffles) from the normal menus. Here the little New York women eat midday (with their dolls.) Hidden in the recently refurbished American Girl toyshop, this charming travel spot offers little girl and her plastics BFF's.

Breakfast, lunches, afternoon teas or dinners are served in the local restaurants. Grown-up and children's meals are both great, but the true purpose of eating here is to see your baby's face shine as the catering personnel provide a high chair and the right placement for his puppet. Take your children to Alice's Teas Cup for an England high teas set with a cranky mad hatter Twist.

This small and cosy coffee shop is lightly coloured and adorned with Lewis Carroll history line. Our menus include sweets, biscuits and delicious coagulated whipped scones, as well as a large variety of tea varieties serving charming on inappropriate porcelain. Chapters i, ii and iii; reservation encouraged.

Which is your favourite theme food speciality for family-friendly restaurants?

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