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Foods that look like stuff that belongs in a toilet (and is actually served in toilet bowls)." In these quaint restaurants they come to the place for dinner and to enjoy the ambience. In these quaint restaurants they come to the place for dinner and to enjoy the ambience. Rangali Island Resort is situated in the Conrad Maldives and is a beautiful and cosy 14 person under water resort more than 16 ft below waterline. Established in 2005, the all-glass dining room offers a meal of crisp shellfish, ribbed eyes, calf and other flavours.

Surrounded by a translucent acrylics rooftop, the hotel provides a 270 degree Panorama of marine life that swims in the crystalline Maldives water. These are the oddest places in the world to stay. Coming from Belgium, the design for this innovative portable eatery includes a gantry cranes that can carry those seated safely in 160-foot "dining room chairs", a desk, waiter and everything needed to eat a dish above the floor.

Ever more popular around the world, it is now available for restricted stays in towns around the world, with Montreal included. Throughout the world, these five star hotel complexes all have breathtaking vistas. The Midwestern U.S. has a rather inconspicuous appearance, but that seems to be the point.

Anything to do with the espionage establishment is grounded in the CIA's notion of a secure home, which is intended to be a apparently harmless assumption by which an agency would carry out its clandestine activities in absolute safety. In Milwaukee, if you ever find yourself, it's definitely a good idea to visit this top secrets place, but keep in mind you haven't heard it from us.

One of the proprietors developed the concept for this strange place while seated and having read - where else? Think of a place where the menus are made with the fresest produce, and by Fresh est we mean being picked in the fields at dawn on the same days you eat there.

Established in 1979, the ecclectic tavern, adorned with classical 1930' and 1940' toy decorations, began as a small one-room dining room and has evolved into a multidisciplinary dining room that occupies all three floors of the building from which it originates. "It is always Christmas in the Bubble Room" is a topic that is clearly illustrated by the attendance of the many Santa Clauses, the elf room and the year-round Christmas lighting.

The favourites on the contemporary menus are inventive products that have been on offer since the beginning of the establishment, such as Socra cheeses (a kind of cheeses flambéed at the table), bubble breads and many of the colossally large sweets. Next, you should visit the most romantically decorated restaurants in each state.

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