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Seattle themed restaurants

Best themed restaurants in Seattle. Two carnival theme bars on Capitol Hill, Seattle. Best themed restaurants in Seattle However, in the last two years, and especially in the last few month's, a number of restaurants and pubs have opened in Seattle, with the obvious aim of motivating us to escape from our electronic casings and experience the rich reality of the city. Capitol Hill and Poquitos (left in picture, 1000 Pike St.;

206.453. 4216;, the famous Capitol Hill Pub and the All-Age-Restaurant, are impressively decorated in the style of Spain's Colombian Mexico.

Poquitos homeowner James Weimann and Deming Maclise have travelled unpleasantly well and are delighted to bring their experience back to Jet City as they return from their adventure with more than the aromas of remote countries, but also with ship boxes full of meticulously scanned designer features such as ancient lights and genuine Mexico tiles.

Besides Poquitos, Weimann and Maclise run four other travel-loving restaurants in Seattle-Bastille Café & Bar, Macleod's Scottish Pub and Stoneburner in Ballard, as well as Von Trapp's on Capitol Hill (more in a second). This trend-setting entrepreneur sees himself as a designer and not just as a gastronome.

Just like the decor, the eating and drinking in Poquito's are true representatives of Mexico. Request the Hombre Lamb Bike ($5), a Mexico based pint made by Seattle's Elysian Brewing Company exclusive to Poquitos. Order the Maulwurfspitzen ($5), Poquitos' copy of pocket of Poutine, with homemade French fried potatoes pressed into Maulwurf, cream and Cotija, then covered with roasted coriander and coriander.

Throughout Ballard city, it was planned to open an old south facing traditional pub and whisky shop, but something from the 1920s inspires Nathan Opper and Zak Melang (from the famous Matador restaurant) to follow a subject before the exhibition that will transport you both temporally and locally. Dining at Kickin' Boot White Kitchen (5309 nd Ave. NW and 206.783. 2668; is unapologetic south, and more than the coctails here are old-fashioned.

Shellfish Rumbo ($11) and hot prawns and grains ($16) are among the classic dishes of the south, but if you want to smoke meat, you'll be happy to know that Kickin' Boot has brought in a couple of J&R smokers from Texas. Kickin' Boot Whiskey is particularly proud of its old-fashioned ($8) whiskey kits, which are serviced with a 2-inch icecube.

Like the name already says, with more than 100 different choices (70+ Bourbon ) whisky is abundant and even available for whisky flying. Although this makes selection difficult, the actual challange with Kickin' Boot is to place your order without accepting a southerly draw. In other restaurants there is commitment and a little kind competition.

Seattle's thriving South Lake Union, the crystal tower district, is teeming with technicians connected to the computer. Brad Horse Tavern (picture below, 310 Terry Ave. Neg; 206.971. 0717; is encouraging them to knock down the cabin wall and turn off the smart phones. A small amicable contest also serves to get humans together; the Horse provides two shuffleboard desks and three dart boards to make your competing juice flow; however, the pleasure at the Horse Tavern is reserved for adults (21 years and older only).

Brave Horse Tavern is part of Tom Douglas' constantly evolving cuisine world. Last February Poquitos' Weimann and Maclise opened the immediately beloved Von Trapp's (Capitol Hill, 912 Twelfth Ave; 206.325. 5409;, a distinctive indoor pub with an unmistakable name in Bavaria, on Seattle University's grounds at No. 12 Avenue.

Bavaria calls the match "boule", but Von Trapp's chose to use the more famous word from Italy to prevent mix-ups. It' rough and noisy, but it gives the old world of Von Trapp's a touch of class and grace. These lavishly crafted lamps, saved from a Vienna storehouse, light up obscure, artistic wooden works and glittering spires of traditionally glazed Germany, among them 1-litre ballpoint pens and leather boot.

Although there is a full pub, Von Trapp's created an ambience that invites you to order a beergun. Rather than reach for a local brew of light beers, consider a Maisel's Weisse ($6 for a 20 ounce stone grain), an authentically Weissbier from Germany. With your pint, order a homemade curry wurst salami, queen cheese or aromatic fried sausages, just to name a few.

von Trapp's offers its frankfurters in different ways: alone, on rolls, in flat bread or as part of starters. Whilst these eskapist restaurants and pubs may seem like Chuck E. cheese for grown-ups (or perhaps Disneylands for grown-ups), there is an immense distinction - Seattleites cannot be attracted by a hook.

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