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Sydney theme restaurants

Seven Themed Sydney Restaurants You Must Go to | Sydney It'?s Sydney, it's bloody good to take things to the next level. Now. Once you have checked off the Gastropubis, the foods houses, the coffee houses and the foods lorries, your next step is to capture the themed restaurants. Gone are the average feeding days of the 1950s - thematic dairy bar, Nordic and Danish foods, feline coffee shops and snakeasies that kill them completely when it comes to having dinner in Sydney.

Get your knife and fork set as it's Sydney' s best themed restaurants are about to be visited. There are 7 of the best themed restaurants in Sydney to get you on your way. When you have the hunger of a Venetian (and who jokes, all of us), grab your hat because this Nordic style eatery is a place to visit.

Sweden's meatsballs, vermicelli potatos and lingonberry marmalade are an emblematic figurehead on the menus, and the Lakrisbrulee with Lebkuchen only shows that the Scandinavians are cooking their meals right. The Shady Pines is a westerly hotspot of whiskey specialties, handcrafted beer, coffin sparkling and an epidemic selection of barkeepers who know their alcohol.

Boys serve great food from Jamaica and serve turkey drinks in sloping rooms with mix-and-match finish. Get a burgers, a shakes (you'll go crazy over the groundnut milk shake), hot dogs, bison wing, ice-cream sundaes (or one of them) before the film and get ready for a fantastic sky star evening.

All you really need to know is that she serves incredibly good Australian sandwiches and old fashioned delicacies. The little Milchbar has its own soft drink stall and a warm and friendly shelter. Daisy Downhill' Dairy Bars is stealing the show about our favorite classic kids' products, among them child-friendly Dairy Bars, custard sodas, split bananas, Coke Crackers, Frozen Cups, Waffles and Sweet Cakes.

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