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The Death Row Dive and Diner - Liverpool picture from The Clink - Cardiff picture from www.www.

8 Strangest Restaurants in Great Britain

You' ll see a Michelin tire rather than one of its top gourmets in some of the most unusual restaurants in Britain. There' s a place to eat on the back of a store, one in an old war-time observation cabin and another on a fortress in the Solent.

We' ve put them together for the definitive tour leader to the most uncommon restaurants in the UK. Among the meals are ripe cheesecake with unripe chutney, pounded haddock with saffron rice and margarita cake. Among the deserts are buckwheat-ginger cannolis, perry, spicy bouboncreme. Alastair Hendy, a grocery author, spends more than three years renovating the Georgia home in Hastings and setting up a store and restaurants.

Former war comfort, today a luxurious and luxurious place with fantastic sea views. In the evening the cabin opens on certain evening for open-air holidays with meals like "lobster & chips", "lamb from late spring", "paella from wood-fired seafood", "mackerel grill" and "gluten ribs & cured pork". Located in a decommissioned subway stop, the event location was used as a war bunker.

Beverages included Judy Garland, a citrus-like blend of lemonade, aperol, drapefruit and chamomile infusion presented in a bowl and a saucer. Michel Roux Jr. will be starting this evening at 8:00 p.m. C4.

The 20 weirdest London restaurants - eatery

Reserve a seat in one of these London restaurants. Famous for its varied restaurant scenes, there are many weird restaurants to chose from in the city. Savour the exhilarating glamour of this Soho hot spot. Bob Bob Ricard's menus include a range of British-Russian meals that you can savour in comfortable cabins set in a glittering decorative style.

Super about pan-Asian kitchen in the futuristic dinning room of the circle, designed by UK based Tom Dixon. However, it is not all about having sumptuous food and drinks, because supper is interrupted by various surprising performances by comedians and circuses that cross the table. Parts dedicated to Lukebox, parts dedicated to restaurants, parts dedicated to restaurants, the favorite of these lovers of musical entertainment will make you sing until late at night. Enjoy the sounds of the sounds of the music here.

Taking a break from work through the rich and varied Poker Room for one or two Pingpong games in Bounce, Farringdon and Old Street. The theme based dining and dining area is the ideal place for groups - with reservation of tables for groups of six or more.

Dan's le Noir? Your eating adventure will take place in total obscurity at the dinner place in Clerkenwell, Germany. Meals serviced by blindfold waiter challenge your senses of tastes and smells and the surprising dinner will encourage you to train your mouth. Dine within the confines of a jail at The Clink at HMP Brixton's The Clink Ristorante.

As well as helping with your recovery, this exceptional eating pleasure is also a great value for money.

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