Who we are It is our mission to improve life through the provision of tailor-made solutions and solutions. In 1997 my father-in-law John was found suffering from Alzheimer's disease and passed away in 2010. I had my in-laws living in Gloucestershire and since it was a two-hour ride, I never felt enough to help with the daily care of him.

Sheila was exhausted, but always said that she could manage on her own. Often Sheila would wake up in the mornings and worry about what kind of days they would have. All mornings were the same with the same routines as John's laundry, getting dressed, boiling and 24-hour support.

Always wondering if Sheila was away for a few free weeks or night, either with John or separately, or if it might have given her more power and power to get along longer. We tried the holiday season and it was busy when we tried to go back to places we thought John would recall - he didn't and it was tragic for all of us.

Sheila has Alzheimer's too, so I still sympathize with the worries of many a family. Get to know our friendly staff of committed experts and voluntary workers who will help you to organise our Activity Days at Seaward House.

First Steps

From Friday, May 25 to Friday, June 1, we will organize our own tournament every evening at 18:00. Try your favorite slot games to scale the ladder and earn great prices. We present a new topic every morning, which you can use to earn additional points that will improve your chance of reaching the top of the rankings.

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