It is provided through a worldwide eco-system of automatic networking based on LSO, SDN and NFV. It is provided through a worldwide eco-system of automatic networking based on LSO, SDN and NFV. Transformational Web Application Framework for the definition, provision and certification of flexible, secure and integrated messaging solutions in a single network. This video represents an exceptional glimpse into the state of the sector and is a goldmine of information and insights from top professionals who are transforming the way we communicate.

A MAEL service that enables an SP/SO to supervise a service by using a default suite of administrative functions, SOAM FM, SOAM PM and Latching Loop-back, on the MAEL operator's intranet. Through the use of MAEL Operator's networking manager functions, a MAEL Service is designed to remove the need for the SP/SO to provide the Subscriber with SP/SO equipment at the Subscriber's site.

Defines a set of IP subscriber description delimiters and is compatible with IETF STD 5[77]. It does not deal with IP extrusion between different types of ISP, but concentrates on providing one-to-one solutions for all types of IP packets. It supports support for VoIP4, IPv6 and duplex stacks. Furthermore, new interfaces and favorites were defined as needed.

Our goal is to be agile to serve a broad spectrum of Ethernet service-based wireless networks. Three Ethernet Services Attributes. Three Carrier Ethernet Information Model.


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