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daokakao said in Transformer & Panda ST-Themes ThemeForest account on Envato was suspended:

Don't worry, the ThemeForest integration has arrived!

They probably know Envato as the enterprise behind ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, high-quality themes and plug-in storefronts. That' s why we now have a brilliant new stream so you don't get weary of all the web travel just to get an upgrade. Now, the only thing that might make you tedious is all the additional amount of additional experience you get if you don't log into the Envato store every single day you need to download an upgrade.

All we' ve done is use their api so you can link the two account. Oh, and one more thing: you can link any number of Envato account. While some of you may think that doesn't really buy you much valuable experience.

Suppose you have many CodeCanyon plug-ins or ThemeForest topics. Just think that each fix takes 1-3 minute to complete to download them. Take advantage of this opportunity to see an example of your favourite series that you haven't seen in a long while. P.S. Because of the issue of whether linking more than one account is preferred (sorry I don't cover that), you know that you are able to link as many Envato accounts as you want.

I had Envato close my account last night -

We have a large footprint in the WordPress and web design worlds. You own giant market places like ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, which are the biggest sources of high-quality WordPress product. I received an e-mail from your customer service representative last night indicating that my account has been deactivated. Into the statement to deactivate my account.

Kevin, this is Envato Overseas. Sorry, your account has been deactivated for the following reasons: Immediately after I received the e-mail, I verified my ThemeForest account. In fact, my account was deactivated and there was a report that I had to call help if I had any queries about the problem.

First of all, I bought 44 articles from the envelope malls. Because my account is inactive, I cannot get the latest WordPress plug-ins and topics I have bought. Unfortunately, it is a big issue for all envelope clients not to be able to get hold of my file, regardless of whether my account has been turned off or not, because when a good sale of a good item is made, the writer just takes the item from the market place.

There' a big issue with this practise as it means that the last release you had of the program could be a bugs mix and there is no way to get a rebate (Envato has a poor rebate reputation) and no way to get the last one.

Often the writers obtain the Envato marketplace software. Since 2008, I have been an operating subsidiary of Envato. Your partner programme is quite terrible as you only get a small percent of the first payment from newcomers. Since ThemeForest is the biggest WordPress thematic web site and CodeCanyon is the biggest WordPress plug-in web site, I always had to direct my visitors to them, because about 95% of the WordPress content can be found there.

OK, from a technical point of view I could have prevented the link to ThemeForest but I always wanted to check my favourite items and many of them were selling on Envato markets. Since 2008, I have been earning a commission totaling around $7,000 and I still advertise the Envato brand today.

Similarly, many software engineers approached me directly through an Envato online marketing platform and asked me if I could check their products. When I see a plug-in or topic that I like, I ask the programmer for a test copy and ask if he wants a critic. Part of the point why I use ThemeForest or CodeCanyon to directly get in touch with the creator of a topic or plug-in is that many creators don't have their own website.

Therefore, the only way to get in direct communication with them is to use the Envato Contacts page. One click away from the products page is the online registration and my e-mail is already there. Envato's ThemeForest market place is by far the biggest WordPress Topic Index. The Envato said they have a no-spam policy. No.

Every weeks I get e-mails from WordPress Topic Engineers and Plug-in Engineers asking me to check their product, join their partner programs, or submit a web page to advertise their new topic or plug-in. I' ve been active in Envato markets for eight years and have myself invested several hundred bucks in Envato projects.

Everything I needed was a grievance and my account shut down. Nobody has given a second thought to looking at my account and seeing that I am a faithful member with a good reputation. First thing they did was disable my account. This means that the technical staff didn't even need two seconds to see if I was earning cash for their business as a client, a partner, or both.

When they challenged my case, techsu noticed that I had been advertising them for years and restored my account, but they added that they would shut down my account with immediate effect if there was ever a grievance against me. Could I get back to work with Envato? I talked in the videotape about how I made a point in the past where I went away from making cash through affiliate recruiting because businesses, especially large businesses, can and will shut down the Affiliate Programme at a certain point.

They have almost no affilate privileges, despite the fact that you do a lot of work to earn a small fee. As an example, FastClick and WooThemes have just shut down their partner programs, although my recommendations have earned me Lifetime Commissions of $1,000 a year.

Pirate firms like FullTilt and Pokererstars just shut down powerful bankrolls so they wouldn't have to give them the life-time commission they pledged (Pokerstars did this to me early this year). To date, Fiverr still owes me several hundred bucks in affilate commission and refuses to reply to e-mails I am sending them.

Even though the Envato partner programme has very bad working practices, I have to praise them for having always payed on schedule. I' d like to keep promoting them because so many Top WordPress items are selling on their markets, but of course this whole thing makes me a little reticent.

Is it possible to advertise the wares of a firm whose first response to a complaints is to just shut down the partner's account without even receiving a polite e-mail? Certainly, if I ever reference a Envato listing, I can use an Envato marketing tool, but in the future I won't be able to advertise Envato with the same excitement I've shown in the past.

Also, I no longer felt motivated to buy more articles from Envato branches. Within two hrs, my account was deactivated and re-activated, but in the long run I'm sure there was some harm to my membership of Envato. Obviously, a business of Envato's stature doesn't matter whether one partner or thousand of partners stop advertising for it.

These include claims, reimbursements, returns of items purchased by the customer, account closure, and more. My name is Kevin and this is my blogs. In "WordPress" In "WordPress" In "WordPress" In "WordPress Subject Reviews" My name is Kevin and this is my blogs.

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