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WorldPress Affiliate Marketing Thème - do it by zexo A WordPress Affiliate Marketing Theme, doo contains everything to serve as a multipurpose WordPress Directory & Listing Template and it is best suited for Coupons & Discounts pages. It has 100% PHP/JS coding that is 100% the same as the theme of PHP/JS (more than 1000 sales) - it has the same coding functionality (adding additional functions, bugfixes).

You can use this theme to build a wide range of websites: List functions (free of charge):

Affiliate Marketing, Preisvergleich, Multi Vendor Store, Thème communautaire par la Suisse, Community Theme by zizam

The REHub - Hybride templates with extended functionality in a winning blend of features...: We have developed many one-of-a-kind affiliate, coupon, directory, social, search engine optimization, comparison and multi-shop capabilities. The REHub is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose hybrids theme. The topic includes many state of the art business plans for making sites work profitably. We' ve used the most current fashions and the best unparalleled tools in search of powerful tools to develop sophisticated functionality that you won't find in other topics.

The theme has a clear, contemporary look that we keep up to date with the latest fashion tendencies. There are 6 children's topics, each with a new look and better tailored to different needs. Our customers are listened to and we put in place the latest information on how to use our software and how to make it work. Propose new features. Advanced combination of collaborative features (BuddyPress), multi-vendor shop (WC Vendor, Dokan, WC Marketplace), reputation system (MyCred), shop location (Geo My Wordpress), fee-based member (S2Member), pricing benchmark.

In addition, the redesign contains a front-end plug-in with fee-based submit assistance. We' ve added specific scheme mark-ups to create specific shreds of products and even some hidden schemes for sophisticated ones. They can also use auto top list in the topic and split the entire posting between nice parts with autocontents. They can also use a specific scroll widget using soft buttons and specific proposal mail layouts with different designs (compact, basic proposal, comparative mail layout).

In addition, we have included the functionality of the Storehouse locator (based on Geo My Wordpress) and the Product Locator. We' ve explored the most lucrative methodologies and added many extra one-of-a-kind tools such as top lists creators, top desks, dynamical comparisons (including multi-group comparisons) and many specific mail template and layout features. We' ve added add functionality for many favorite affiliate plug-ins and also imported tools.

They can also use the design in conjunction with Content Egg Pro and Affiliate Egg Pro (CE free is contained in the Theme for Start) to get great features like on top comparative pages. Review our 1 min superb featured review and also, review our specific step-by-step tutorial for the best affiliate website on our Worldpress Theme.

We' ve also integrated dedicated intelligent autoblog template that can help turn the topic into a money-making autopilot website. When you need parser for certain locale stores like,, Ib, Banggood, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Home18, Jabong, Myntra, Infibeam, Coolblue and others - I suggest using Affiliate Egg Plugin (not contained in the theme, ask for discount).

Please be aware that the topic does not contain Content Egg PRO and Affiliate Egg PRO, but the free edition is contained and has all the advanced features, such as pricing alarm and pricing trackers. Only the number of affiliate moduls differs from PRO. Or you can use your page as a folder theme. We' ve added a lot of features and you don't need any chargeable plugs anymore as we have added our RH Front End PRO plug-in for Fron End Submit and MDTF plug-in for the creation of your own filter.

No restrictions apply to the kind of information you can include in each posting. We' ve also added some specific mail layout and mail loop to the Redirect theme, which fits better to directories (but can be used for all types). The front-end submission has the option of making fee-based and restricted submittals.

We' ve also added a plug-in for the WMPSM spec that can help create a customized layout with tabs in articles and display specs. Théme also has enhanced integration for Geo My Wordpress plug-in, which can help to make any kind of location finder. We also added the Table Builder, which can help create specific contribution table.

We' ve added extended fellowship features with user-defined supports for Buddypress, MyCred and Members plug-in. As never before, all features are interconnected in high-performance links. The tab page has been greatly enhanced and we have also added a member-type plug-in with roll sync capability. They can do this with the topic.

It' simple (badges, user-defined point supports, ranking support). What makes Reitub Theme one of the best investment topics? Enhanced 3D graphics capabilities are provided with the MPTF plug-in. The plug-in is useful for finding filters and specifying them. I' ve created and used more than 50 topics for myself and my customers, and sometimes I see that TF writers want to add maximal functions to the topic, but all these loads together, but most of these functions are not useful.

You can disable everything from contents to shortcuts in the Reitub theme.

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