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The Adminto is a bootstrap based premium admin template. Fluorescent - Bootstrap Admin Topic from Laboratory Fluorescent - is a shallow management style sheet for multi-purpose use created with Bootstrap 3.3.5. More than 112 HTML documents are included, giving you a wide range of layouts and ressources, and new plug-ins and pages will be added in the near term.

Being someone who normally avoided templates because of his terrible programming and futility, this was an utter astonishment.

I haven't encountered a CSS/JS plug yet, which surprises me, almost every piece of stuff I insert into it works like a charme. In many ways, this topic is enormously great. This is the most beautifull and comprehensive pattern I have ever purchased! Wonderful subject... I've never even meet! Magnificent design, well crafted and encoded.

All that is good, the coding, the designing, the flexibility, no regret to buy it. Extremely smooth, functionally and easily expandable. It' s a great joy to be working on your coding. A lot of samples well done and very strongly implement, neat coding.... etc., this topic will pay off after the first work!

Great pattern! It has a little of everything and it's a beautiful, simple to use lay-out. It looks great and works really well. And, above all, it is simple to optimize and modify them. A great topic and great help. No need for another pattern!

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Re-one - Create and Parallax HTML5 templates for every creativity studio, enterprise, start-up, building firm, private portfolios or studio. More than 50 html-formats are contained in this templates with many stylesheet and JQuery-forms. Several fonts and colour schemes are incorporated into this design to meet your own specific brands needs.

You will find this pattern very well annotated and with help documents to adapt it to your needs. Please note: All pictures are licenced to their owner and are used for demo purpose only and are not part of the downloaded version. - Picture added. - Some more font- and colour style added. - Colors added in multiple style.

  • Reaone - Creative HTML5 Portfolio Template Launched.

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