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Over 50 stunning examples of the Bridge WordPress theme in motion Some time ago we took a closer look at QODE's highly popular* Bridge WordPress theme. However, one of the questions we didn't really ask in our previous reviews was what types of websites do actually create with Bridge? As part of our quest to fix this, here's a compilation of over fifty totally breathtaking samples of this particularly diverse, multi-faceted WordPress theme in motion!

Bridge is the sixth best-selling WordPress theme on Themeforest at the moment of the letter - with almost 30,000 copies sold! Would you like to use Bridge on your own website? Do you know any other beautiful samples of livesites that use the Bridge WordPress theme?

The Bridge Theme Review by our specialists

While there are some great multipurpose premium WordPress topics that are available on themeforest, Bridge is one of the most beloved among them. This Bridge Topic Report takes a look at the functionality, versatility and usability. Bridging is a versatile WordPress theme that is available on the market place themeforest. It' made by Qode themmes, a digitally based designer firm.

Established in 2013, it has published 15 WordPress topics since then. Within a relatively brief timeframe, more than 57,000 copies of our book have been sold and thus won the title of a "Elite Author's Badge". Bridging WordPress theme is their most beloved item. Bridge, like many top -class WordPress topics, offers a variety of functions.

Enables the user to build practically any type of website without programming skills. Let's take a look at some of the highlights. The Bridge Theme includes 24 ready-to-use designs that the user can deliver with one click. The Bridge is conceived as a multi-purpose theme. Its aim is to satisfy the needs of practically every conceivable type of WordPress site.

On of the most frequent grievances that people with other top quality topics have is that their website does not look like the demonstration they have seen. The Bridge theme allows you to simply build a website like the demonstration with just one click. All you have to do now is substitute the contents with your own and you have a website up and running.

The Bridge theme gives you full command over how you use wallpapers on your website. Bridging also allows you to include parallax levels on your pages. The Bridge Theme comes with two high-quality WordPress plug-ins contained in your theme. Those plugs are Visual Composer and Layer Slider. One of the most favorite WordPress Page Builders is Visual Composer dragging and dropping.

Allows you to use a simple pull and drop interface to build any page layouts you need. Layer's Landslider is a premier WordPress slide control plug-in that lets you build gorgeous picture slide, videoslider, with stunning custom style sheet animation and 3-D effect. A key consideration for consumers when buying a WordPress theme is that it would work with one of the plug-ins they want to use.

Bridging provides full functionality for many of the free and purchased WordPress plug-ins. WooCommerce, which is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms for WordPress pages worldwide, is fully compliant with it. Bridging is delivered with ready-to-use store layouts that take over your WooCommerce store and present it nicely without much work.

Bridge-Thema is also WPML compliant, a wordpress plug-in for building multi-lingual Web sites. Bridging theme comes with intuitional ways to build the navigational tree of your website. At the same moment, you can also make broad or standard submenus. It is also possible to insert a widget into one of the broad meal column windows and make any desired outline.

The Bridge theme provides much more than just the default functions. Below are some more functions that you can find under Bridge Theme. The most important things to look for when purchasing a WordPress theme are documenting and supporting it. The bridge theme is delivered with comprehensive technical documents.

There are also statements on how to use almost all of the theme's functions. Bridging has all the functions you would have expected from a high-quality WordPress Theme. The software offers great after-sales service and comprehensive customer care information. We' d say it's a good option for any type of WordPress page.

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