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SOLVOVETO - Multipurpose Business Theme of THEEMEPLE The Solveto is a highly reactive WordPress theme (try changing the size of your browser), suitable for business sites and those who want to present their work on a clearly structured web site. This theme was created with the KODDE Framework 2 with many new features and the Page Builder 2 with simple plug & play and scalable block. Dragging and dropping and resizing the Page Builder. See the Page Designer page. This is a great page creator that is very simple to use and work with.

You can only generate complicated layout using Dragging & Dropping. Contains also xml-files and Page Builders tummy information. Each of our topics have some xml file contained that you can use to append your own dates, this way it is very simple for you to set up and work.

In all our topics you will find more than 10 Custom Widgets that you can use. Contacts - Build and maintain contacts and validation panels. Please note: The pictures are not contained in the files.

Overall Business - Multipurpose Business BP Theme of GoodsLayers

The Total Business is a high-performance multi-purpose WordPress theme for business. Specifically conceived for timber factories, plastics factories, iron and steel factories, metals factories, manufacturers of furnishings, agencies of creativity, web designers, graphics designers, photographers. The design includes the most efficient administration pane and the most efficient page builder. The Master slider is also part of this topic.

This allows you to simply organize the slider items with its simple pull-down function, and you can also use its time-line function to adjust the transitional time. - You can have the wallpaper of the para lax in your area. It is also possible to adjust the velocity of the parallel axis or to fix it. - With the colour choices you can turn your website into anything you need.

Nearly all colour schemes can be changed. - If you use the paraallax section, you may need to modify the text colour or add a colour to it. Using the administration pane, you can make a user-defined skins and simply allocate it to the parent department. - You can adjust the width of the side bar quite simply via the administration control.

  • We transform many Woocommerce features into minimalist, contemporary designs. - This topic looks and works perfectly on all common telephones and tables. Feedik" Pictures in the thumbnail page are not part of the theme pack!

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