Themeforest Clone Wordpress Theme

Clone Themeforest Wordpress Theme

Utilize the best themeforest clone script to launch your own theme marketplace in a few hours. Many digital artists are looking for a video hive clone script to sell their own works. Wordprocess Themeforest Clone Theme WordPress Themeforest is the biggest WordPress Theme Directory, currently selling over 6000 theme and HTML template files. User can post topics for selling and Themeforest will take a percent of each selling, the percent depending on the number of selling you have made - the more you are selling - the higher your percent.

It allows many contractors and businesses to work full-time on their topics, while Themeforest handles your distribution and distribution - some of the best-selling articles have earned tens of millions of dollars. This type of bazaar can be very profitable if you can purchase the membership base to launch it - you need purchasers and writers to make it successful.

One new theme that allows you to build this kind of website with exactly the functionality that Themeforest has is WP-Forest with the following features: I will take a look at this topic in this reviews & how to setup and config it. Load up the theme you received after the sale and enable it under "Appearance" > "Themes": Once the theme is enabled, you will see two new menus - "Market Items" and "WP-Forest".

Go to the WP Forest page and you will see where you can start configuring the basics such as logo, favicon, reCaptcha api key, feedburner URL, and you can remove pages/categories from the menus. Allows you to determine the affiliate's percent, how long the tracker cookies last, and the amount of money an individual will pay for their first deposit:

There are several authoring choices available in the section to request the administrator's consent to new elements, the author's earnings percent, and the payout threshold: In the " WP-Wald " section you will find further information on - Cash Out Requests, Transaction History, Partner Transactions and Bank Transactions. Another menulink is "user options" when you are visiting it, it will list each member on your site and an opportunity to present it and their current state.

Another topic added by the theme is Market Steps and here you have complete command over all elements posted and purchased on your website. There are user-defined mail type options, so you have the common choice of creating a category and tag that applies only to the articles in the space (separate from the parent blog).

Visiting "Add Item" you will see that it looks like the usual posting screen: type your name, your descriptions, and your category and tag as usual, then you will see some additional items below for things like that: Prize, small image, large image, download links, demo links, free files, featured files, etc.: Of course, the user can send his topics through the front end of the site:

It seems to be a nice sounds theme, functionally speaking - I have an interest in a theme or plug-in that will add this feature for a while because I want to use a page of mine. To say that is a little harsh around the edge - the theme is much too near to Themeforest's and I think that anyone who has used this theme will have trouble with them because of the similarity in them.

When you use this theme, I would spend a little amount of my free effort to change the look to make it more custom. Im going to go ahead and scroll it here so he can fix it: The feature is almost point-on, everything you need to get started this kind of site has one thing I want to see - the author's percent only allows you to put a lot, I want to see a moving scale how Themeforest uses where more a Person is selling, their percent the better.

All in all - a good launch, certainly the only theme on the open space that offers this feature. This could be a great topic with a little touch on the backend and maybe some changes to the frontend styling. Authors should look at the topics provided by App Topics to see what layer they are at.

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