Themeforest Competitors

Competitors Themeforest

You can compare Themeforest with competing Wordpress themes brands and websites. Added value for your cash WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS topics have become one of the most frequently used ways of building personal and business Web sites thanks to their user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Specialised market places such as Envato's theme forest have in turn developed into one of the most sought-after resources for high-quality topics.

Recently, however, more and more individuals have shifted to their competitors and alternative options, mainly due to the following factors: In spite of the fact that ThemeForest has grown constantly in recent years, that the increase has not been evenly spread across the available articles; in fact, there are now a few topics that make up the bulk of ThemeForest' revenues, so others are left with the remnants and the frantic drive to copy their own achievements by aligning their design and features with the top performing artists.

As a result, most topics have become almost identical and have very similar functions. Here come alternate market places into play - with their refreshing range of premium topics they provide a sustainable choice for those who want their website to be a little more singular and less noticed.

As ThemeForest has increased its prices across a broad front, with some topics priced at more than $60 per regular licence, while some of the below mentioned markets can provide similar value products more than 15% cheap. After all, in their efforts to stand out, ThemeForest's competitors have offered a greater selection of sophisticated tools, from installing and hosting to creating your website that looks just like the themed demonstration and even sets up the most important plug-ins for you.

What are the alternative themes for ThemeForest, and why should each of them be considered the thematic market of your choosing? Being ThemeForest' second biggest thematic marketing place and closed rival, ThemeForest' templating site provides several hundred professionally designed CMS brand names, from WordPress to OpenCart and Moto. In recent years, the site has grown rapidly both in client numbers and content, and the ever-growing add-on offering on Template Temster now allows you to create a full-fledged website from the ground up, full of a domainname, hostedccount, topic and must-have plug-ins, rather than just purchasing a single site - all with a few mouse clicks. What's more, your site can now be used as a single, integrated site with a single website.

Mojo themmes is the second noteworthy alternate of ThemeForest, which for many years has been the "indie" place to go when TF imitations have fed up. Oh, and did we say that due to the competition, most of the topics are also much cheaper at Mojo theming?

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