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How we could never suggest a ThemeForest topic for Worldpress

Only last weekend we saw 3 problems with different website owner who used a ThemeForest topic on their WordPress website. Every edition was one of a kind - but the shared thread with all editions was the topics they used - all bought from ThemeForest. Right now - we don't hit every topic on ThemeForest - we are sure that there are some good ones, in fact the one we describe in this article isn't so terrible - but having to search through all the poor ones to find them is a task.

There is also the fact that most non-technicians do not know what to look for to find out if a topic is good or not. WHERE IS A TOPIC FOREST? ThemeForest is a giant market place with ready-made topics for a wide range of CMS and HTML sites.

Envato owns ThemeForest, which offers several different sites under its trademark, including CodeCanyon, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver and others. While they are market leaders, those who buy topics from them are unaware of the risks inherent in many of the topics made available on the site.

While the WordPress topic you may be looking at may look nice, behind the scene it can be a little intimidating. Yes, I myself have bought many of ThemeForest' s topics over the years........I have never used them for website customers and will never do so - but for my own private use they were okay for what I needed.

I' ve bought photo topics and blogs - so I know firsthand what's good and what's not. Dogs Media also assisted several customers who had ThemeForest topics that had just ceased to work - mainly due to missing plugin fixes and plugin incompatibility problems. IS THEMEFOREST SO LOVED?

It' s easy - the topics are much more accessible than a specially designed website and by God most of the topics on the website are good - quite fucking beautiful to look at. You' ve got topics for every alcove - and they come with all the jingles and pipes you'll ever need.

Hopefully we'll help you see why you should end ThemeForest! One of the largest vendors on ThemeForest, for example, is Avada with over 300,000 topics on sale. Whilst you can customise it a little - most don't, because it's not as simple as it seems, so many sites that use this topic all look the same.

With many ThemeForest topics, one of the biggest problems is that all the plug-ins needed to run the topic are available. Historically, many topic designers didn't even disconnect the plug-ins from the topic source but fortunately that has improved. However, many topics still demand that you get multiple plug-ins for the topic to work correctly - many of these plug-ins are from CodeCanyon and expire from the themed author licenses.

That means that you must trust the topic writer to perform all plug-in and topic updating because you cannot physically get them. There are some that have user-defined plug-ins that have been created by the topic's creator and may not work with other themes - essentially, so if you modify your design in the near term, any features the plug-ins offer may become outdated.

Please see the screenshots below for the needed "Goodlayer" plug-ins. This is a plug-in created by authors and does not work with other topics. It is a comprehensive plug-in that takes a great deal of space to run, and has its own proportion of complains about performance and locking problems.

So, if you ever want to delete it and use the standard WordPress editors - you'll have a bunch of shortcuts to use. In fact, there was a problem a few years ago when Revolution Slider had a big flaw - and if you had one of those issues, you'd have to delay until the writer of the topic updated the topic to make your website safe.

A lot of the topics are WooCommerce and BuddyPress - most will never need them, but the coding is there whether you need it or not, which in turn affects the website performance and the number of needed data sets. Below is an excerpt of the plug-ins needed for our test topic that we used for this post - not too serious, actually, but the plug-ins are user-defined by the topic writer - which, as we already said, can cause problems when you switch to a new topic or a user-defined build.

As you can see, you are also requesting contact sheet 7 - which may not be the contact sheet you wish to use. User-defined mail type is another frequent encoding problem in ThemeForest theming. However, topic writers often encode these mailboxes directly into the source text - if you modify topics, these mailboxes vanish and you have to rework them on your new website.

One better case is to use a plug-in to build these mailboxes like Advanced Custom Fields - or even a customized plug-in with your mailboxes that you can move to a new website with ease. The hard coding into the coding is a poor one! Slobodan Mani, a WordPress curu who is very comfortable with the WordPress Review Team's policies and has helped the WordPress Review Project a few times, has made this declaration on some of the topics in the Theme Forest:

There is no way around it, some of the things that are on sale at ThemeForest, would never, ever create it in WordPress. orgository for free WordPress topics. Many of the topics that Envato sells are not good enough to be distributed for free. You should use your style sheet for style setting - not an additional key so you can press a key.

JavaScript and JS scripting are also a frequent issue and can directly involve various plug-ins that you can add to the topic - but these are more sophisticated problems that most website users can't search for! Throughout the year, WordPress publishes many fixes to keep your site safe, fix errors, and add new functionality.

If WordPress performs an upgrade - then the ThemeForest writer must perform an upgrade to make sure that their topic works correctly with the latest WordPress release. Some years ago, we had a customer who had a ThemeForest pattern. We had a known issue in a TimThumb scripts - in the end the clients were compromised because the themes writer never did an upgrade on the themes to match the required upgrade - in fact he created a new themes he wanted to recommend us to buy instead.

It' a fairly frequent front page issue - "Why doesn't my ThemeForest look like the example when I am installing it? "Most topics are so complicated that it will take a great deal of work to make them look like they do on the selling side!

As web designers ourselves, we have found that many of the designs are quite bewildering in use. Some of the instructions we have seen have not even been upgraded to the latest theming in the user surface, so what we would see in the administrator does not correspond to the pictures in the PDF helper.

Do you know that a subject can simply be deleted? You can see in the screenshots below 3 that are in my private area where the topic has been deleted for some reasons. Objects can be deleted by the writer or Envato employees for any cause - and even if you have NOT downloaded them immediately, they are NOT indebted to you.

If I bought Raindrop - and didn't immediately get it - it can still be taken away and I would be rid of the cash. Of course, you can try contacting the writer to see if you can naturally send the topic to you - and then there's the fact that you should immediately after purchasing the entire topic pack should be downloaded!

However, not everyone does - and not every topic writer will answer you if you wish - so it is something you should pay attention to. So, how does removing a topic impact you? This means no more updating - no more help - and if your topic has a problem, you would have to employ someone to help you out.

Something I can say from my own personal experiences is that very few true web designers will look at a ThemeForest theme and try to fix a problem - they'll probably tell you to get rid of it and get started again! In the following we show you with pictures, why we urgently recommend you to keep away from the topics of the wood.

I hope these pictures and little notes we are adding will be enough to help you see the problems clearly! PLEASE NOTE: We have just selected a topic at random that we had in our Envato accounts - which doesn't mean that every topic on ThemeForest is poor - but an outline of why you should exercise care and exercise due care.

Actually, this topic is a bit better than some we have seen and reread in relation to coding and performance, but still has some problems. Knowing what to look for when searching for topics, we found one we knew wouldn't be so hard to find - but it still doubled downloading times and loading files!

As you can see, by ONLY add a ThemeForest topic, we add 1. three seconds to the loading times and an additional 20 queries for different pages of coding. Not even have we added contents, pictures or plug-ins that our website needs. And I didn't know that many website users don't know that ThemeForest is NOT the only place to get topics!

The following is a listing of other suggested topics that you can select that are better encoded and have a following. This is why every ThemeForest hyperlink has no associate code. SO WHAT IF I HAVE MY MIND FOCUSED ON A TOPIC FROM THE FOREST? Absolutely - buy the subject you like!

We' re not saying that you shouldn't buy a subject from them, but that we can't advise it and encourages you to be careful when you do!

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