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At Harris - Creative WordPress theme based on the following theme Get to know Harris, a creative WordPress theme. Harris comes with 5 different homepage fashions and is the best option to present your product range. Harris is on hand to help you open an on-line store. Furthermore, we provide other style such as About Staff, About Agency, Services, Contact 1, Contact 2 Blog pages.

Open WordPress Theme by VanKarWai - Airtifact - Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme by VanKarWai

AIRTIACT - Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme, after our effort to assist creative professionals in creating their websites, is a way for designer, developer and user to make a creative WordPress experiences. Portfolio website tools to showcase your most important contents and work. Therefore we are happy to present you the Airtifact Portfolio Theme.

Design controlled by Anjax. A unique and light weight customized build tool. Creative layout can be created to present your ideas in a very simple way. User-defined full-screen wallpapers for each section and every time. Completely adaptable web pages. Adaptable scripts that react to your browsers and fit your devices well.

Test the demonstration on different machines to verify this. At any time, you can manually customize these values using the context menu. Customize your text, font, and color to fit your size. Installation wizard that helps you install the design and the necessary plug-ins for the first time. This is a very simple and quick way for you to create your own website in just a few moments.

This includes content dummies base in the demonstration layout. You only have to keep in mind that pictures are of course substituted by wildcards. Since Airtifact and Calafate are our first topics built on our customized frameworks, you can easily modify your existing website by simply switching between our topics. When it comes to supporting you, it should be about the topic itself.

Many thanks to the gifted performers and creative people who have provided us with some of their stunning works to help us create the Artifact Portfolio Creative Wordpress Theme. The standard typeface used in the demonstration is a SIL/Free for using a typeface that is loaded with the design by default. However, the SIL/Free typeface is not used in the design. Hanken Design ( is responsible for both typefaces used in the demonstration.

You will find'Orkney' in text and'HK Contrast' for headlines and displays in the demonstration. Note that this last breathtaking character style is premium, and you can get it for only $10 from Hanken, here. By installing the demonstration, this type of script will be substituted by 'Bagnard'. Naturally, you have the Google Font Library available and the method to directly post your own customized typefaces there in the theme's own Dashboardools.

NOTE: Pictures used to visualize the demonstration are copyright of their owner. The first time you reinstall the design, all pictures will be substituted with wildcards.

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