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Created - Magazine / Newspaper / Blog WordPress themed by Dannci Refer to How Humans Use the Subject DESIGNED: Redesigned - a WordPress topic that earns premiums and has been specifically created for magazines, newscasts, editors and blogs sites that address issues such as entertaining, reviewing, technology issues and promoting products / affiliates. It is a contemporary yet stylish subject, simple to use and with an appealing design. You' ll get full details and extra functionality like the amazing Creator Layouts with everything from mosaics, sliders and magazines to limitless colour layouts, tons of Google web fonts, user-defined Widgets and more.

Functionality is built on the proven Master Magazines and Reduxmeworks. Key characteristics of the theme: Simple to Use Layout Creator (Drag & Drop), Enhanced Topic Administration Panels, Modular (Home Page) - Coolless Layout, Two Headerstyles ( classical versus slim), Ticker ("Breaking News") Section - Two Available Items ( top versus bottom of Header), Featured main slider, featured section ("Magazine Blocks"), Unique Mosaic Section, Master Menus ("Custom Menu"), Footer Menus ("Custom Menu"), Expanded Menus, Responsible Design, Infinite Colour Chart, Infinite Colour Chart, and more: all available in two different formats:

Default, Movie, Audio, Galery, Links, Most Hidden / Show Mail Items, Custom Wallpapers, Related Links, Footer Logos, HTML5 & CSS3 & Latest WP Rules, Advanced WP Rules, Advanced WP Rules, Structured Data Mark-up, Clear Word Sources, Very Good Page Performance, Library Style Sheets, Translations Style Sheets, Preparation for Translations, Latest Microsoft OfficePress Prepared, Smart Tab Design. Creator Layout Blocks: 2 Column block, Blog blocks (large images), Large (full width) sliders, Small sliders, Mosaic pad, Magazine 2 pad, Magazine 3 pad, Ad pad, Widgets pad, Custom Menublock, Call to Trade pad, Text and Separation pad, Layouts & Templates:

Blogsayouts, Buildersheet, Full-Width-Template, Redirect, Error 404, Archive-Templates, 9 Post-Layouts (left, right and without sidebar), Plugin-Compatibility: and more.... Environments & Shortcodes: 9+ user-defined Environments: Features widget, slider widget, ads 300px, ads 4×125px, Facebook, Flickr Photos, About Info, Popular/latest tab, Social Networks, Latest Notes (plugin widget), Reviews widget (plugin widget) and more....

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