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You want to download and install the design. Updating the Themeforest topic - Help Center You have 3 ways to upgrade your Microsoft Office topics to a newer release. If you want to have an error-free website, these new fixes are indispensable, as we are adding new functions and enhancements over the years. Several of these upgrades may be necessary to make the design work with newer Microsoft Office releases.

However, if you have made changes to higher-level topic definitions, they will be forfeited. Notice that we suggest that you back up your changed data before upgrading a design. In addition, we suggest that you disable the latest release and then load a zipped archive with a new release of the themes, then enable and upgrade the themes.

Find (e.g.: and extract it. Make sure that your extraction utility doesn't add an additional file with the same name, which is interleaved into each other. Using your FTP client, dragging and dropping the topic's root file into your FTP client with the goal: "YOUR_HOSTING_ROOT/YOUR_SUBDIRECTORY/wp-content/themes/" FTP client will issue a message saying that there is an available file with the same name, select ' all' and then 'replace all'.

Replacing all your documents takes 15 to 30 mins. Once you log into your Doc-O-Matic Word-press dashboard and go to the Advanced Key Options, the themes section in the headers (next to the Advanced Key logo) will change to the latest release. This is a warning that your design has been up-dated.

It is recommended to use Methode One, which lasts less than a second. Visit > Settings > Settings > Application Programming Interface (API) keys. Create an interface and save it in a text document as you will need it later. As soon as the page has been updated, you should see the listing of topics you have bought.

After clicking, the design is upgraded to the latest release. Select Look > Topics. In the Designs area, on the Headers page, click Install Themes, then click Upload on the Headers Second page. Select "Upgrade existing theme?" from the drop-down menu and select "Yes".

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