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Elements - Multipurpose single and multi-page Drupal 7 Drupal Elementy is a cross-browser, retina-capable, highly reactive HTML5 /CSS3 HTML templates with full touch capability that offers a clear and distinct look that is truly a multi-purpose tool that can be used on a multitude of Web sites. Using this templates, you can make countless adjustments that will help you re-define the value of your website.

Drupal 7 & 8 - Progressive Multipurpose Reaction Topic by NikaDevs

Drupal 8 is currently 8.5. Make sure you are using the latest PHP on your computer. This latest release of Drupal will require at least PHP 7.1 to run. In case you cannot use this release on your own computer, you have to remove the manufacturer's directory and run the following commands to get an older one.

Introducing a easy and fun to use drupal 7 & 8 Progressive Topic. Optimised and intuitively designed coding using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology allows changes to be made to the page layout of the drupal 7 & 8 topic. The Mega Slider is free of charge and can be rebuilt according to your website.

Buying our drupal 7 themes gives you the most value - our ability to take the trouble to resolve issues that can arise when you set up a drupal 7 & 8 theming.

Raster / List views; Compare items; Color matching; Fully adjustable mega-menu; Item "Sale", "New", "Top" badges for discount, new, best-selling items; Custom widgets; Custom page on item page displays all items on item page in tabs; Cross-browser compliant; No kernel changes or modifications! The LivIcons - truly rendered icons package with scaleable graphics for neat and flawless presentation on all your device. jQuery - Javascript kernel lib.

The HTML5 Shiv - allows the use of HTML5 editing controls in older versions of IE and provides fundamental HTML5 style for IE 6-9, Safari 4.x (and iPhone 3.x) and Firefox 3.x. CarouFredSel - is a plug-in that turns any type of HTML control into a roundabout. The TouchSwipe - a Java plug-in for use on iPad, iPhone, iPad, etc. applications.

Choosebox - user-defined choosebox substitute based on the user interface provided by JavaQuery. JavaQuery Appear - JavaQuery plug-in to call a feature when an item occurs. JavaQuery Setting - a JavaQuery plug-in from GSGD to offer extended Easying features. The Easy pie chart - is a Java plug-in to show basic motion pies for only one value.

Isotopes - an excellent jQuery plug-in for magic layout. jQuery Knob - beautiful, downwards compatibly, tangible, jQuery dialling. jQuery Sparkline - this jQuery plug-in creates spark lines (small online charts) directly in the web-browser from data, which are delivered either online in HTML or via Java script. Stellar - is a jQuery plug-in that provides para-lax scroll effect for each item that scrolls.

The Revolution Slider plug-in offers a variety of advanced transitions, an auto loader, auto play that will stop users from interacting, embedded videos, and many easy-to-set custom effect creation settings. For example, if you want to generate your own diagram or section of an illustration and a rotation widget, you can do so using this simple and uncomplicated tool.

js - HTML5 Movie Player Build Status. jQuery Slider plug-in - is simple to use and multi-functional jQuery plug-in that can support all webkit-based portable touches such as iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android. None of the graphic contents (theme identities, logo, images, etc.) are contained in the topic master files and are only used in the demonstration versions!

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