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Lenscap Magazine and eCommerce Theme by ArrayThemes Nice E-commerce and Publish made easier. It' s really cool with the ease of creating a breathtaking WordPress-based warehouse and shop with sophisticated search functions, photo galleries and videos posting style, intelligent customisation capabilities and WooCommerce assistance. Featured Carousel and Footer Category Menu allow you to provide your users with more seamlessly delivered information without disrupting their surfing experiences.

Extremely adaptable contents merry-go-round. Help your audience to see your best contents with a breathtaking, fully fledged featureured carrier of entertainment with Xenscap. Accentuate your four latest contributions in an stylish, appealing roundabout at the top of your homepage. Just put a day in your entries and it will be added to the roundabout for you.

Featured Content offers all types of customisation so you can create a breathtaking roundabout. We' ve integrated controls for changing highlight color, haze, blur, headroom, text width, and more! Watch this fast moving movie to see how simple it is to adjust it! Very adaptable, so you can make it your own.

Bring your website to the next stage and turn it into a true online marketing tool with gorgeous photos and videos.

You can use the supplied postal style to quickly build visible light boxes for videos and galeries on the postal index page, while videos and galeries are displayed at the top of each postal page. Focus on your multi-media content with the Lenscap! Galerie-Leuchtkasten gives the visitor a fast overview of the Galerie appended to your contribution.

Easily customize the design in real-time. You can use these as you like or as a base for your own spot of colour. Renscap creates intelligent, vibrant colour themes using the colours you select. You can use a supplied colour chart or make your own! With the help of the Flooter Class Menus you can easily insert an elegant, AJAX-supported class menue into the bottom line of your homepage.

A footer categories drop-down list allows your users to quickly search the five most recent entries from each of the categories in your drop-down list. Downloading contents via AJAX allows you to show your users more contents immediately without them having to exit the site. Use the Footer Categories drop-down list for a spin on the Lenscap demonstration.

Topic choices you need, none you don't. With the right set of theme choices, you' ll be able to customise your website without being overwhelmed with never-ending choices. With the Customizer you can optimize your design choices in a few seconds, i.e. you can load your logos, select an emphasis colour, change the look of your photos and much more with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even create your own customizations.

Make a short videotour through Lenscap's customizer setup. Everything can be sold with WooCommerce and WooCap. WooCommerce is a free, extensible e-commerce plug-in that will help you get everything on your website for sale. The WooCommerce is the go-to e-commerce WordPress application that gives both shop keepers and designers full power.

The creation of an e-commerce storefront has never been so simple with Lenscap and WooCommerce! Configuring your WooCommerce online shopping cart is as simple as enabling WooCommerce and performing the fast set-up. The Lenscap contains a WooCommerce homepage template for presenting your best front and middle items. Customise your homepage with WooCommerce abbreviations such as Best Sellers, Featured Produkte, Sale Produkte, Newest Produkte and more.

The Featured Article Roundabout at the top of the homepage can be used to present up to four of your favourite articles! We have focused our efforts on every facet of WooCommerce, from the store and retail pages to the consumer area, to create a nice, coherent look across your website.

Renowned for its flexibility and responsiveness, Xenscap means your website can be adapted to any display format, from desktop to cell phone. Put in simple terms, better typefaces make for a much better viewing pleasure for your customers. Penscap offers neat, magazine-style safe nutserif typefaces such as Archivo Narrow and Roboto. Gotting starte dashboard for fast set-up.

In order to make the set-up as smooth as possible, we have integrated a useful Getting started Dashboard. Here you can display the help files, display and deploy suggested plug-ins, search FAQ's, see the latest topic update and enable your topic licence. Can you help me if I have a problem with the subject?

We will be glad to help you in answering any Lenscap related queries you may have during set-up or general use. Lenscap is updated on a regular basis with bugfixes and function enhancements. Learn about the latest changes to Lenscap by reading the Reader page or visit Getting Launched > Appleance in your WordPress dashboard.

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