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Event-Champ - Several Event & Conference WordPress Topic by Gloria Themes The Eventchamp is a WordPress event and conferencing topic. The Eventchamp is suited for event entries, conferences, events, conventions, meetings, activities, exhibitions, Meetups, organizations, seminars, summits, tickets and workshops. The Eventchamp have an event searching system, an event list, event administration, event administration, event administration, speakers administration, scheduling administration and many additional functions. There are more than 90+ ways of paying in the Eventchamp WordPress conferencing themed area.

The Eventchamp offers many functions, demonstrations, items and layout. WPBakery Page builder is available in the Eventchamp WordPress Event listings topic. Modify the pages using the pull and drop methods and adjust the design using the topic choices. Colours, lettering, layouts, postal style, loaders, event handling etc.

Use the design with one or more pages. Google Street View has the topic, people can roam your event area on your website! Coununter event, sponsorship managment, integrated press bb, blogsystem and other functions. Here we can only show some highlights, because many of them are available, you can watch the Eventchamp WordPress event topic demonstration.

Eventually, are you looking for a high qualitiy WordPress event listings themed? Evenchamp is here for WordPress event and conferencing pages! - Add: Default date for the event calender. This is the first date for the event calender. -added: User-defined date style options for the event find function. - added: User-defined event titles wallpaper.

  • added: Check progress on the Event Search Tool item. - added: Event state for event detail. - Worked around: The issue of translating the event schedule. - Fix: Issue with symbols in event calender. - Solved: The bug with occurrences after activating the topic. - Resolved: Errors in elapsed time.

Notice: We have added a date expiration box for the event. Here you can specify a date for the event's fade-out date. -Resolved: Text layout of "There are no results that correspond to your search" in the results of the event hunt. Event-counter item. By default, the Single event opens a dialog box.

  • Fixed: HTML bugs in testimonials. - Added: New inclusion and exclusion option for event listings and searching items taxonomy. - Added: New event order option for the event list items. - added: New Event Tool item option. - added: new results system. We' ve modified the kernel of the Event search Results item.
  • Added: Location details are added to the event queue. - added: "Show" the event state. - Includes: Empty taxonomies and childless event lists, event calendars and event search engine choices. - Add alternative event lists style choices for event search results and event carousel items. - added: Alignment option for caption item.
  • added: Event search result columns as well as event categorization columns. - Added: Display of state instead of incomming state. - Add: Added Speaker columns on page for event radio buttons. - New: New inclusion and exclusion of taxonomy items for event location items. - added: posting style for blog carousel. - New: New taxonomy inclusion and exclusion menus for the Event Calendar item.
  • added: Including and excluding event for the Event Calendar item. - Added: Box layouts for pages in the page preferences. - Added: Box layouts box added to themes preferences. In the Topic Preferences area, you can modify the layouts system. - added: unrestricted additional tabs available. - added: infinite additional side bar key for event detail.
  • Added: Added support for event detail via event sharing. Refreshed descriptive text that has been refreshed in the Items and Topic Option section. Eventlist item.

Items of the event collection. Pricelist design. It can be changed in the Topic Options or Page Options. Please find the complete system of contacts in the event information. When using the Contacts section in Event Detail, you should refresh the short code of your Contacts section in the Topic Preferences > Event section. - Fixed: Including and excluding incidents in the Event Carousel item.

  • Solved: Issue with empty categories in item Events in Categories. Issue with long list in the drop-down list. - Fixed: Sidebar issue with loudspeaker and event detail. Visual issue of past incidents. Visual issue of past incidents. Issue with selecting colors in the topic preferences. - Added: Short code backup for additional tab pages in incidents.

Visual issue of past incidents. Date counters of incidents. - Added: Background selection for the Event Search Tool item. - Fixed: Issue with activating the topic. Date counters of incidents. - Added: Added event state hiding for the entire website radio button. - Added: The arrow for the Event Slider item. - Added: Tagged searching for the Event Search Tool item.

  • Added: Automated linguistic translations for the event calender. Error in PHP when activating the topic. - Hour, minutes and seconds for the Event Counter item added. Event item category. Subject text translations. Page break sliders for event sliderslement. Text not found for the event scan. Subject text translations. - added: Inclusion and exclusion of event catagories for Page builder items.

Subject text translations. - added: event calender system. Demos of the complete Slider-Homepage. - Add: Display of the event state. - added: event, speakers and location widest. - added: Past event for page structure items. - Add: Auto play and loops for Testimonial item. - Added: The Event Detail tabs open by default.

  • added: User-defined side bar for location, speakers and location. - Added: End date for the Event Slider item. - added: Uncheck the feature enhanced images galleries for event, narrator and event detail. - Added: User-defined side bar buttons for the event detail. - Added: New topic items in the topic preferences.

Affiliated meetings and related places. -added: All tabbed item tab for the Category event item. - Added: User-defined picture for event, narrator and event detail. - Added: New event listlist themes for event listlist items. - added: columns, auto play and loops for the Event Carousel item. - added: Columns, auto-play and loops selections for the item Location Carousel.

  • added: Columns, auto-play and loops for the blog carousel item. - Added: Color and styling option for the Event List item. - Added: Added columns and styles option for the Category event item. - Added: Log Play and Auto Play selections for the Latest Event Slider item. - Add loops and auto -play for the Event Counter slider item.
  • added: slider with searching toolitem. The Modal Button item. Event-carousel item. Events Discovery tool item. - Added: Symbol for Counter Slider item. - Loudspeaker listing item added. Keys for the Counter Slider item. Eventlist item. Place, event day and organizer name. Subject text translations. - Corrected: The event state during the event scan.

Keys of the slide control on the phone. - added: user defined additional registers for the event. - Added: Picture galery register for event. - Add: Startdate and Enddate option for the Event Search Tool. Associated venues for location detail. - Add: Icon List item for the Page Builder.

  • Media (video and audio) added to Page Builder item. - Fixed: The keys on the slide control. Subject text translations. - Added: User-defined date style for event detail. Subject text translations. Subject text translations.

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