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Each month you will find a number of Premium WordPress themes for free download. I stopped using FREE topics a long time ago. Payment for a theme and support from the Theme Developer are free each time. Sign up to download free Joomla Templates and Joomla Extensions. A ThemeForest is the world's largest marketplace for WordPress themes.

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ThemeForest is a good place to start selling your WordPress brand?

I will take a thorough look at the most favorite WordPress topics space in this review. We will try to try to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of the sale of WordPress topics on ThemeForest. And if so, it's probably because of a posting we've posted here in the past titled: "Is CodeCanyon a good place to resell your WordPress plugin?

Many of you know that ThemeForest is created and maintained by the same firm that operates CodeCanyon: So, if you have WordPress topics that you want to market and wonder if ThemeForest is a good choice for you - continue reading. What is theme forest? It is a huge market place for different website design.

WordPress topics are definitely a big deal on the ThemeForest space, according to this heroic copy, and if you want the real numbers, just take a look at the following individual bit of shock ing information from a recent Vova Feldman survey by pinning the ThemeForest API: Whereas only 28% of the theme on ThemeForest are WordPress theme, the WordPress theme is 80.

ThemeForest is right for you? Of course, the ultimate answers to this questions depend on who you are and what your company objectives are. Consider the advantages and disadvantages to check whether ThemeForest is suitable for your topics or not: 1. a lot of traffic: First, as a large and beloved market place, the first striking benefit for anyone who wants to use ThemeForest as a sales channel for their WordPress topics is the large amount of incoming and exposure to trade news.

Part of this traffic is converted into a sales transaction. ThemeForest is similar in this respect to a very large commercial centre, where many customers like to shop just because it unites many different businesses. With ThemeForest, you can make it easy to sell your WordPress topics by editing everything "meta" and focusing on theme creation (the product).

Dealing with " meeta " in the e-commerce environment means that they take charge of the receipt of payments when someone chooses to buy one of your topics. Betty themme demos: Creating a nice demonstration of your design on ThemeForest (with user-defined pictures and styles) can be very useful for selling, as it obviously allows prospective purchasers to see how your design might look on a web site.

In contrast to the WordPress. org topic repository, ThemeForest not only allows nice and customizable topic demonstrations, it's also a best practices approach. Review your topic code: ThemeForest is a very well-liked market place and must adhere to high programming norms (similar to the reference repository). You assign experts to go through the topic's source and make sure it meets these requirements.

Immediately disadvantageous to speaking about the trafficking benefit (see above) is the fact that this trafficking is subject to ten thousand other submissions and topics on the same website. Admittedly, not all of these rivals are in the same WordPress theme categories, but even if we only talk about 9-10,000 other competitive titles (the present number is 9,674 WordPress theme in the ThemeForest market) - this is still a challenge to compete in this theme group.

At ThemeForest your topic gets a lot of attention, but it is divided between all the topic stores that sell there. On ThemeForest, a themed vendor has no relation, whether directly or indirectly, to the persons who buy their articles. This means that you are bound to this channel because even if you have a loyal clientele that keeps coming back to buy your product, these customers will be gone forever if you choose to relocate your company or if ThemeForest eventually shuts down.

Favourite & versatile articles: Like every outdoor storefront, ThemeForest Marktplatz is subdivided into sections and then subcategories to make it even harder for clients to find what they are looking for. Whilst it makes perfect business sense for every business to place different product types in different places in the business, it is very simple for a client to enter a market place such as ThemeForest and make a buy by going to the "Popular Items" page or just go to a "Most Popular Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme".

As a result of this trend, topics that are already highly appreciated seem to remain so, due to other, not necessarily less valuable, topics. To say nothing of the fact that it also seems to reduce total selling, because it seems as though audiences are purchasing these huge topics once and then re-using them for many of their own purposes by just putting together the subject's plays in a different way.

Mandatory assistance for Free: Eventually, the Envato (ThemeForest) operating business realised that purchasers buying ThemeForest topics were asking themselves if they were getting help with the products they wanted to buy or not. This means that your products will be labelled with a token of shame if you, as a topic writer, are not willing to explain in public that you will be supporting your topic for at least 6 month without receiving any additional payments.

It means that if you don't want to make a sale - you have to stick to it and say that you will be supporting all those who buy your subject. Free of charge. Neither does ThemeForest endorse the most beloved way to sell your favorite product today. Just a few and a half years ago I received an e-mail from TF about an updated on a topic I bought in 2011.

That'?s cash the writer of this subject put on the desk! This is a topic I would have liked to have bought with a one-year payback for continuous maintenance service and periodic function/security up-dates. And with an automated renewal process for perpetuating licenses, this thematic writer could have made so much more profit with every thematic sales.

ThermeForest thematic licences are restricted to a sole location. Buying themed designs mainly because of their layouts and designs, the chances of someone buying the same theming twice are slim. Speak to any Topic Sellers who sell outside ThemeForest and they will be glad to tell you how well these multi-site licences perform when sold to agents and contractors.

In practice, what that did mean is that if you (the subject vendor) are a US national or the state where you reside has a fiscal deal with the IRS - your subject sale proceeds will be disbursed to you from the USA. Of course, this is in Addition to the 30% fee that ThemeForest Thematists charge for the sale via their own markets, so that salespeople from more than 100 different nations generate significantly less revenue from them.

There is no denying that posting your topics for sales on ThemeForest is a leap forward in the creation of the businesses of your topics, and it is indeed still regarded as a profitable one. What is left is whether ThemeForest is the right way for you and your objectives, and that will depend on where you see your company in the future.

Establishing and expanding your company within ThemeForest means that you will be investing a great deal in the growth of ThemeForest and not necessarily in the growth of your own company. You will also be very much depending on ThemeForest's capacity to attract visitors and prospective clients. Review some possible ways to find out where and how WordPress topics can be sold:

Let's explore a few possible ways you can pick from when you think about where you want to go with your WordPress themes business: When you are just getting started and just finishing your first topics - it might be a good way to test the topic of water for businesses. Later, after investing many long hours and having a better grasp of how things should or shouldn't work, you'll probably find some more technological reason why ThemeForest offers a good/bad answer to your selling needs.

It is also reasonable that after you have sold your topics on ThemeForest for some period of your life and received your comments on your products, you are better prepared to make a smart choice about whether this is something you should or should not do. Even if you already have topics that you sell through other sales outlets, you still have the opportunity to sell the same articles on ThemeForest.

Most importantly, ThemeForest has already thought about this situation and has set various policies for Envato Exclusive writers (writers who have articles that they want to distribute only on ThemeForest and for whom only a 30%-50% fee is charged) and Non-Exclusive Envato writers who can only hold 30% of total sales in their pockets.

It will probably "not hurt" if you present and sell your topics on this big market place - 70% is a pretty big part that you can leave in the hand of your distributors. You have to consider the other choices that work for you if you want to see if the sale on ThemeForest is still possible or not despite the exclusive nature of the sale.

Naturally there is always the possibility of arranging your own space (shop) on the web and to sell your premiums in it. There are no conditions tied to a particular market place or subject to its limitations and regulations. What are you going to do to allow topic upgrades for your customers?

It is important to remember that when you set up your own themed store website, you are not alone in wondering who your customers are and how you can interact with them. So you can know exactly who is purchasing your topics, communicating with them and making them your faithful client basis.

The sale of your topics on ThemeForest is an easier way to start with the first step and get $$$$ for your work. In the long run, however, I think it is not lasting for YOUR company to fully devote itself and its effort to sales on the ThemeForest or any other market place.

Well, for the first few moves - ThemeForest is a useful one. If you think ahead - you should create and expand your own themed store style instead of investing all your effort in expanding someone else's store.

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