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content The PhotoDune policies can be viewed here and you can modify the prices of an exisiting product by referencing that product. GraphicRiver, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive and VideoOcean have author-driven prices. The name and descriptive text of your product must describe your product and its component parts. Good: "This is the filename" - Write the first character of each text in capital letters.

"Nice File" or "The Best Template" - Don't use words as bright, stunning, or best. The words describe your opinions and not what the actual data is. "Custom9909 - Filename " - Do not add your user name or other less pertinent information to the filename. "Apple-like Design" - Don't describe what your article looks like in the cover, describe what it actually is.

You must describe all the items in your master data in detail. Make sure you make a point of mentioning whether something displayed in the previews is not contained in the parent zipper, and make a point of noting whether a parent is gridded, bordered, or otherwise not editable. 3. When you use special character sets in your article, these must be recorded in your descriptions.

More information can be found in this post What can I place in My Product Detail, Previews or Download? Make a 590x300+ JPG for your thumbnail. Ensure that your thumbnail is an exact reflection of your work. The thumbnail may not contain any brands or celebrity pictures.

The GraphicRiver and 3-D Ocean allow thumbnails at any desired heigth. The AudioJungle does not need a picture to be previewed. Ensure that your slide shows your data correctly. You may not include any trademark or celebrity picture in your miniature picture (and/or your Avatar picture). Store your primary data sets in a zipped directory with all necessary information. Thumbnails can be provided as well.

Make a zip directory with your thumbnails. Please chose a appropriate categorie for your data. Please specify which type of files are contained in your downloaded files (you can specify more than one item by pressing the CTRL button under Windows or the COMMAND button under OS X). Please specify in which version of the program your data can be opened.

Make sure that you compare all attribute in these form with the attribute in your data files. Example: Dimension on GraphicRiver, Count on PolyOcean and Length on AudioJungle. Make sure you have typed the length of your data properly. When submitting individual songs and identities that contain variation, you must type the length of the longest item in the kit.

In the case of audio and identity packages, you must specify the length as the overall length of all your file types. Tag should be written in lower case, hyphenated by a comma, correct (according to English Standard ), and refer to your article, its specification, and its uses. Don't use the same tag for each element.

Every day must be of relevance to the element to which it is assigned. Up to 30 days can be entered for AudioJungle, GraphicRiver and even 3-D Ocean. ThemeForest, VideoHive and CodeCanyon allow you to type up to 15 days. Specify any information you want to submit to the inspector. If you use pictures that contain recognisable faces or places, you must supply a scan of a completed and autographed copy of a completed replica or site approval.

The number of elements writers can have in the queues to be checked is limited. Restrictions on uploads are for ThemeForest and AudioJungle files. TopicForest Categories: Following restrictions are valid for each user level: Following restrictions are valid for each user level: Restrictions for the AudioJungle Sound Effects are as follows:

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