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Article Endorsement Guideline Supporting your purchase means that the writer is available to you, the purchaser, to eliminate any problems you may have with the use of the product. On this page you will learn everything you can ask of writers who are selling sponsored articles. The management of purchaser queries can become a major challenge for writers who are selling to many purchasers.

In order to preserve a viable place for the future, we have defined what is and is not contained in the articles sponsored by Environment and Energy Markets. Helping the authors of Envato Marketing devote more attention to what they do best - create great new articles and keep their current articles up to date. A lot of question and answer regarding our products are already covered in the accompanying documents like FAQ's and commentaries of former customers.

Envato Market also makes sure that all articles we sell on Envato Market are documented, so always review the information they contain and if you can't find the response you're looking for, consider whether the writer can help you. Sponsored article contains article sponsorship for 6 month from date of original order.

Throughout these 6 month it is anticipated that the writer will be available to perform the article related technical assistance described on this page. Answering time of the writers may differ according to the size of the requests, the type of requests, and whether requests have already been completed or supported (see later "Fair Use").

Purchasing the product gives you the opportunity to buy enhanced product assistance, which extends the product assistance timeframe to a 12 -month limit from the date of original order. Throughout the article assistance time, the writer is supposed to be available to respond to your general queries about the article and its use.

While the article is being supported, the article owner is required to be available: We help you with problems related to the use of the element and the optimal use of its functions. Reply to queries about third-party asset or features (e.g., plug-ins) included with the article, such as how they work and other related engineering queries.

An element can contain third-party functions or elements from other writers such as plug-ins, slide controls, or contacts form. For the duration of the Items support timeframe, the writer is required to be available to help with third-party property queries and either help you resolve specific third-party property problems or guide you to where you can find the resolution.

In the event that a sponsored element contains a third-party asset (such as a plug-in) or is designed to work with third-party hardware or systems (such as a CMS), the author is required to make sure that the element will remain compliant when the hardware or system release is up-dated. The same applies if the third parties assets have a safety upgrade.

Article upgrades of this kind are usually shipped as release upgrades that are available to all purchasers. Selecting a sponsored element (or upgrade to enhanced support) will ensure that you get an element that is sponsored by the contributor and allow our contributors to manage their elements in this way. Article Supports do not provide any service to change or enhance the Article beyond the initial functions, styles and functions described on the Article page.

If you need customized fitting to help you customize the article to your needs, we suggest you contact the writer to see if they provide private fee-based fitting or visit the major Envato Studio vendors. Purchasers have different experiences with different sofware plattforms and technology, and the commissioning of your article may vary depending on many variable factors peculiar to your circumstance.

You must have good understanding of the underlying platform and technology for which elements are built so that article assistance does not involve helping to deploy the element on your own servers or CMS. Author (s) are not obligated to assist with problems with your web host or your host computer system or problems with the programs you have on your computer to use the Element.

To resolve your problems, please review your ISP/Webhosting or any other softwares that you may wish to use. In the event that a sponsored object contains a third-party object (such as a plug-in or slider), the creator of the third-party object is not obligated to assist the purchasers of the sponsored object with that object.

Address your asset related question to the originator of the article you are purchasing. Envato Market articles should work as described by the authors (preview, screen shots, article descriptions, etc.) and be secured against significant safety problems. Safety problems are evaluated based on the effects on the purchaser and his user.

Important vulnerabilities include taking over site management, the possibility to use the site against other locations, and violations of privacy. If something is not right with the element and you are waiting for an upgrade; it may take several days/weeks, according to the nature of the upgrade, for it to be repaired, tested, reviewed, and released correctly.

Additionally, in order to keep an Element functional as described or to address greater safety concerns, the author of all Elements may, from then on and at its sole option, make other upgrades to enhance or change the functioning of an Element or to address other smaller problems. In general, writers of sponsored articles will make this kind of update available more often to keep their articles up to date.

Under all circumstances, the new release of the article will be made available to earlier purchasers via the download page. It is our belief that an author's best part of his life is to use his stunning creativity and engineering abilities to develop great new articles and keep his current articles up to date. We' ve described what article assistance is about, and we ask you to consider the author' s timing when making article assistance inquiries.

Before asking an autor for assistance, we recommend that you check the literature (included with the download ) and any extra information on the article pages (FAQs, commentaries, etc.) to see if that information will answer your question. The majority of writers are selling their articles to many purchasers, so the amount of response to your inquiry may differ.

When you wait for an element to be updated or corrected, it can take several days/weeks for an autor to repair, test, verify, and approve it correctly. You can also take a break (e.g. vacation) from article work. Writers will inform you about the tab pages supporting and commenting on their articles during longer pauses.

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