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In this tutorial you will learn how to install a new Joomla template and set it as the default for your website. Locate and download your new template The first thing you need to do. Our design and development is based on high-quality, premium Joomla templates. Grow your business with a beautiful, appealing Joomla website!

My services include that your website looks exactly like "Demo Example of the Joomla Theme" you bought at themeforest.

My website contains the "Demo Example of the Joomla Theme" which you bought at themeforest. More work: more work: more work: Along with my demonstration setup, I offer these extra features for FREE: Greater services: Beside the above mentioned support, I also offer the following services: Please submit your request and I will offer it seperately.

After ordering the services, please return all of them to me: Use the drop-down list to submit all the above mentioned data sets. Disadvantages - Client services and communications.

Joomla templates for professionals

Select your preferred Joomla templates or word press topics from our library. So that your well-established WorldPress website looks great, classy and up-to-date, go to Verso! The best wordspress topic, not only nice. Create your own unique and creative Worpress theming! Introduction of Partrot - the versatile, free of charge Microsoft Office word press topic with e-commerce capability.

Classical word press topic a restaurant - Delicious! Best choice of Wordprocessor themes. It is a classy, free of charge word-press style sheet that gives your business the necessary look and feel.

Joomla Templates install

You will learn how to create a new Joomla templates and how to make it the standard for your website. First thing you need to do is downloading the new Joomla templates that you are ready to use for your website on your harddisk. Joomla Templates recommends that you visit our Joomla Templates page with free, professionally designed templates that you can use for your website.

As soon as you have loaded your Joomla templating on your computer, log in to the administration area of your Joomla website and load the templating via the Extension Manager (Extensions -> Management -> Install ->). It is the same for templates, moduls, plugins und component. As soon as the templates are already in your Joomla 3 applications, you need to set them as the defaults for your website so that your pages get the new look.

First you have to go to Enhancements -> Templates. This page shows a listing of templates available for your website and administration area.

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