Themeforest Joomla Templates free Download

Joomla Themeforest Templates free download

Loyalty - Business Responsive Joomla Template through Arrow Topics The Fidelity is a neat and stylish, highly reactive Joomla template designed for companies or portfolio. The Fidelity is full of tens of widgets plus an easy-to-use administration options window. The Fidelity is based on the Warp frame, which gives the themes an immense amount of versatility and agile, quick load - through built-in file compressing, file URI' and zip minimization - and that's not all; we've added a dash of 3 nice colours and a Bonuses Kunena forums themed.

Notice: The demos have been superseded by wildcard pictures.

Retail - Multipurpose Joomla Template by themebeer website

Commerce is fast reacting, Joomla provides Joomla templates for finance and commerce. This means there is no need to modify a line of coding to modify the pattern. It is the best way for your website. It looks great in any format, be it a notebook monitor, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile orablets. Plus, it contains all the documents and extensions for adjustment choices that allow you to modify the look and feel of any element without having to touch a line of coding.

HLI, Responsive Joomla! template from 7Studio

The HLI - corporate templat for Joomla! 3.X. is based on the boatstrap framework and uses new functions that have been implemented in the Joomla 3 family. In addition, the templates support the "Bootstrap Size" function in Joomla 3. In addition, four customer-specific moduls, specially developed for this pattern. MISC - QuickStart update pack - Joomla! v.3.8.7, K2 v.2.8.

1, AllVideos Plugin v.4.8. FIXED 0 - PHP 7. 2 Notes in the K2 categorie Layouts MISC - small changes in style sheets and adaptations ADDED - templates base style for the Joomla customized files ADDED - our ST Google Map modules to ADDED packet, ADDED - new modules location "google-maps" v 1.4.

4.1. v 1.4. 1 - 8. APRIL 2016 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QuickStart - QuickStart - Joomla! 0 MISC-maintained install bundles.

3.5.1 / K2 2.7. 0 v 1.4. JANUARY 2016 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIXED - smaller css fixes related to the changes in the latest Joomla! CMS MISC releases - upgraded installers ( QuickStart pack upgraded to Joomla! ^ 3.4.8) v 1.3. MISC - Updating the Google Analytics following codes MISC - small changes to .

MISC js scripts MISC - minor changes to the CSS and optimization settings introduced for FIXED - incorrect location of the lookup symbol - browser type locator function introduced for K2 KIXED - changes in the extra fields and appendices v 1.2 styles. april 2015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fix bug with display of symbols in locale on fault page FixED - (slider module) IE10 bug with IE10 slider bug,

ys script, - radio in ys group convert to frontend editing screen MISC - changes in joomla logon Joomla files overwrite - panel "Two Factory Authentication" v 1.1. March 0 - 24, 2014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESOLVED - Fixes issues with the portable menus and the modem logon boxes in older web browsers on Android machines.

The MISC - Update install package. v 1.0. 1 - FEBRUARY 27. 2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Associated with error message file path 1.0. 2014 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error message file path. please added - adjust the picture compressing setting in the slider module. Please be aware that pictures are not part of the original.

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