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Register with Zendesk using the Envato API. With Zendesk JWT SSO Login. At first you have to login to your themeforest account and then follow the steps of the next pictures.

protection theme/zendesk-envato-login: Sign in to your account with our software Envato-API. JWT SSO Login with JWT Login.

JWT combines the Zendesk Singlesign-On (SSO) with JSON Web Token (JWT) with the Envato Market API. JWT is the first web token to use the Envato Market SSO API. ThemeForest customers can log into their Zendesk accounts using their Envatoccount. This information is provided when you enroll the application in the Envato APII, and includes ENVATO_CLIENT_ID, ENVATO_REDIRECT_URI, ENVATO_CLIENT_SECRET (required).

The OAuth Client ID is the ENVATO_CLIENT_ID (required). This should be the same as the confirmation URL in the Envato Market API application preferences. Enter ENVATO_CLIENT_SECRET (required) - the private encryption code you received from the Envato Market API. The common secrets ZENDESK_SHARED_SECRET, ZENDESK_SUBDOMAIN (required) are available at Zendesk settings >ecurity > end-users > singlesign-on (SSO).

This is also known as Zendesk-Envato Login Debug. When this is flagged false, no detour to Zendesk is performed, but some de-bugging information is plotted. Slack API and Slack channel tokens where you want to receive alerts when something goes awry (user cannot log in, Envato Market API is down, etc.).

zip_firebase _url, zip_firebase_token (optional) - Firebase hook and firebase address to store the access data in the distant data base. As soon as you are set up, point your Zendesk login to the index.php directory in the repository's home directory. It manages the redirection to the Envato APII, retrieves the access data and redirects the logged-in users back to Zendesk.

Together with the name and e-mail adress, this scripts also sends the users purchased topics lists, the user's topics to be supported, and the users name to Zendesk. To store this information, you should add 3 boxes in Zendesk 3 by hand.

From Zendesk, go to Settings > User Panels and insert the following panes.

Envato WP Registration with tunafish Germany

ENVATO WP Login/Registration! Let your user (s) log in/register using the Envato APII on your Wordpress page. - Selected small, theme-compatible corrections. Usage, by you or a customer, in a unique end result for which no cost is incurred by the end user. Included in the overall amount are the article cost and a buyer's commission.

Usage, by you or a customer, in a unique end products for which end customers can be billed. Included in the overall amount are the article cost and a buyer's commission. Prices are quoted in US Dollar.

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