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No grave, no page builder, just the one on TF. Frequently Asked Question about Licensing ThemeForest currently provides a stand-alone licence and an expanded licence. Individual licence means that you must buy an individual licence for each website that uses Uncode. If you create 3 sites with Uncode, you will need to buy 3 individual licences. Expanded licence also works the same way, but you can resell it as an end use.

When I need to use Uncode on a second site, do I need a second one? Purchasing Uncode allows you to use the design on a final website. To use it on a second website, you must buy a second licence. Is it possible to use uncode on a test page and then move it to a web site after completion?

They can keep the design on a test page to create it, and then move it to the site after completion. Is it possible to run a test site and a livesite with a normal license sale? When it is permanent in two locations, it needs two licences.

If I use the design in a sub-heading, do I have to buy a new one? To use the article for one or more of your own subs, all you need is a standard subscription (e.g.: - - If you want to use the article for several different sites, however, you must buy a normal royalty for each site (e.g.: - -

Must I buy a new licence every and every times I make a target page on my website? So long as they are all on the same domainname, a individual licence is ok. When I buy an extended licence, do I get a multi-user, multi-client or development licence? The extended licence is still restricted to a separate end user but you can resell this one.

If you buy an article on ThemeForest, you have 6 or 12 month inclusive technical assistance depending on the purchasing schedule you have. Please obey the instructions if you are interested in extending your hours of support: Extend yourupport. In order to activate your technical assistance again, log in with your ThemeForest Marktplatz user interface, browse to the'Uncode - WordPress Theme' page and select one of the renewal settings.

Purchasing a new licence. When you are planning to create more sites with Uncode, it is much more cost-effective to buy an extra licence (with built-in support) instead of renewing the first licence.

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