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Top important notes! If you " (license)" a logo artwork (logo template) from Envato Marketing, you may not be the only individual who loves this logo artwork so much that they are willing to buy it! This means the logo artwork you buy is not exclusively for you and the same logo can be used by someone else.

Logo Template Licence gives you, the buyer, an on-going, non-exclusive, world-wide licence to use the logo template in a final logo. See the remainder of this manual for the specifics that govern your use of a logo template and the frequently asked questions that are part of this manual.

The final logo is a customization of the logo template. The logo template is a look and feel logo with a generically designed name. Your final logo is the same logo where your business name replaces the general name. Any number of instances of the Final logo can be copied and used indefinitely.

You have adapted a logo template and designed your own final logo. Then you can use this final logo as you like, e.g. your company logo, visiting card, letterhead, website and package. Use the final logo to identify free or chargeable items. Change or edit the logo template.

It is possible to mix the logo artwork with other works to produce a derived work. Resulting Final Logo is governed by the conditions of this Licence. You used a logo artwork to design a final logo for one of your companies. In order to use the same pattern to design a different logo for another company, you must purchase another one.

When you are a creator who creates definitive logos for different customers, you need one licence per customer. The logo templates cannot be passed on as inventory or as a pattern. This is not possible with the logo style sheet alone or in a package with other elements, and even if you change the logo style sheet.

There is no right to use the logo template or the final logo, which means that you do not assert any trademarks or copyrights on the final logo and do not have the final logo registered as a mark anywhere. It is possible to design a Final Logo for a customer and apply this individual Final Logo to your customer for a surcharge.

Your licence will then be transmitted to your clients. Due to the importance that your customer understands the specifics of non-exclusive stick logo licences, when using a logo template to produce a final logo for a customer, you must make sure that your customer accepts the following points. Well, your customer has to:

a) recognise that the logo template included in the final logo is provided on a non-exclusive base and may be used by others; b) consent not to exercise any express right to use the logo template or final logo, including that no trade mark right or copyrights are claimed in the final logo and that the final logo is not registered as a trade mark anywhere.

The logo template can only be used for legitimate use. You may use this licence in connection with the Envato Market terms for your use of Envato Market. In the event of an incident of non-consistency between this Licence and the Envato Market Conditions, this Licence shall be valid to the full degree necessary to remedy the incident.

You may terminate this licence if you violate it. In this case, you will have to stop using the final logo. Logo template creator keeps title to logo template but licenses you to these conditions. The licence is between the logo template and you.

ENVATOPty Ltd is not a party both to this licence and to the licence granted to you. LogoSee Final Term 3 of this Licence. See Term 1 of this Licence.

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